Longyue Achi’s whiskey pilgrimage trip: Scotland Grand crown whiskey exploration (Part 1)

Longyue Achi’s whiskey pilgrimage trip: Scotland Grand crown whiskey exploration (Part 1)

I take a picture of the wine cellar in the pilgrimage of whiskey in Scotland

If our language is whiskey, as long as I stretch out the wine glass silently, you just need to take it to the throat quietly, so it is good. Very simple, very intimate, very correct. But unfortunately, our language is still the language after all … ————— Murakami Haruki (made in Scotland)

Every year, tens of thousands of “whiskey pilgrims” come to Scotland and personally experience the breath and wine of whiskey hometown. Today, Achi will take you to visit one of the world’s best -selling Scottish single malt whiskey brands, Grand Crown!

How powerful is the Grand Crown?


The United States is the country with the largest consumption in the Grand crown whiskey, and the consumption of the European Union is far more than the United States. Even in France and Italy, which are famous for wine and Bailan Di, Grand Police whiskey has huge consumption. In Italy, the Grand Crown accounts for 70%of the whiskey market, and even the illusion of whiskey in Italy is the illusion of the Grand crown.

The route from Edinburgh to the Grand Crown Winery


The plane I just got off last night, I received a notice before pouring the time difference, and packed the items at about 9 o’clock the next morning to go to the winery. The passenger car on the Grand Crown Winery on Edinburgh took about 3.5 hours through communication with the driver.

Therefore, everyone is ready and set off with Achi!

The weather along the way is very good, and the scenery is also charming


In May, the weather was particularly fine, and the hot sun could be felt along the way. Fortunately, God is particularly good to me. Occasionally, the clouds have blocked a lot of sun to avoid being exposed to pain.


Along the way, the most viewed high -rise buildings in big cities, but full of green natural scenery. Seeing Scotland’s protection of the environment is still attentive. With such a good natural environment, I want to brew whiskey must be more delicious!

House of Bruar


After an hour’s drive, when I was halfway, I accidentally discovered a House of Bruar.

For a long time, House of Bruar has been considered one of Scotland’s most prestigious independent merchants. From its extraordinary building appearance, unique layout design, it can be seen.

House of Bruar has the clothing department, gift department, food department and gardening department. There are many counters of clothing brands in the clothing department, and the gift department has a lot of Scottish characteristic small gifts. House of brauar outer courtyard, the flower and grass gardening can be sold.

There is a restaurant in the food department that actually provides fresh and high -quality marine products in Scotland, such as fresh oysters, smoky salmon, smoky catfish, North Sea craw, etc., and also equipped with various salads. What surprised me was that, in addition to handmade desserts and cooked foods, the Ministry of Food actually had many whiskey and Bailan land.

After rest, we will step on the journey to the Grand crown again! After experiencing Bruch House, I was even more looking forward to the winery!


Squad of Grand Crown Winery

In the past two hours, it will reach the Grand crown winery. I saw the road signs of the winery erected on the intersection, and it looked very novel.

The iconic building of the Grand Crown

The Glen Grant brewed winery was built in the town of Ross in the lower reaches of the Spee River.

The town is not large, but it is known for a long time for making whiskey town. It has many famous wineries: »Glenrothes, Glen Spey, Speyburn, and closed style Capestonich.


Founded in 1840, the Grand Crown Winery was one of the largest distillers in Scotland.


Grand Crown Winery’s Brewing Master: Dennis Malcolm

When I entered the winery, I couldn’t think of the soul of the winery: the master of the winery -Dennis Malcolm.


Dennis is one of the longest -service winemakers in Scotland. He is managing Glen Grant and other well -known wineries throughout his 60 -year career in the Spere area. In 2015, Her Majesty gave him the honorable honor of the best medal of the British Empire to recognize his service to the Rothes community and his outstanding work in the Scottish whiskey industry.

Unexpectedly, this whiskey pilgrimal journey, I met the master in the Grand crown winery. The master led me to visit the winery. I was really excited.

The corner of the museum in the Grand Crown Winery


Grandon whiskey displayed in the museum

Entering the Grand crown winery, the first visit is the museum of the winery.

There are many small objects reserved since the creation of the winery, such as various photos, newspaper, and so on. Of course, it is more of Grand Crown’s own whiskey. It is said that the longest preserved whiskey liquid is preserved in it, which is particularly precious!

After visiting the museum, Master Dennis took me to the production workshop of the winery. On the way, I found the iconic building of the Grand Crown. Alas, it is the building like a small castle. Special interesting.


Everyone knows that the first step of whiskey produced is the drying of malt. I first visited the drying room of the winery. The drying room is very large and clean. There is a fragrance of drying malt in the air (forgot to take pictures here, and I will make up for everyone next time).

It is said that there are hundreds of years of history: malt grinding machine

After that, I went to watch the milling of malt. Here I actually discovered a malt grinding machine with a history of hundreds of years! Everyone knows that once barley is made of malt in malt and is dry in the kiln, the next stage is to grind malt.

Today, few wineries have their own malt and kiln, and most of them buy barley. These barley have made specific specifications of malt through large -scale industrial malt. I did not expect that the Grand crown winery still retained its grinding machine.

Like the grinding machine of this historical hero, it is still well preserved! You can even see the information of the engineer of the machine on the machine.

I talked about many winery management in the control room of Master Dennis

Master Dennis told me that in addition to using traditional winemaking technology, the production of winery now uses a modern production monitoring system. After speaking, I also took us to visit his general control room.


Stainless steel mixer, used for the glycated of malt paste


Malt will be delivered to the glycated barrel after grinding, and the stainless steel blender uses the stir.

I will give you a popular science here. The speed of the mixer will also affect the whiskey liquid. The mixing is fast, the wine is turbid, and it brings fruit incense; on the contrary, the mixing is slow, the wine is clear, and the green grass is fragrant!

After reading the glycation of malt paste, Master Dennis took me to the fermentation room to explain

The fermented room after the sugarized malt paste will be sent.

Now most of the whiskey wineries use stainless steel fermented tanks, because compared with oak barrels, stainless steel cans are more economical and more affordable, their service life is longer, the capacity can be large, small, and easy to clean. The risk of liquid is contaminated. In addition, the stainless steel fermentation tank is often equipped with a temperature control system, which is not only convenient for the winemaker to understand the temperature changes of the winemaking process, but also allow them to control the fermentation temperature of whiskey liquid more accurately, so they are favored by the winemaker.


Master Dennis (left) and Longyue Achi (right) exchange whiskey fermentation knowledge to take a group photo

But what did you guess what I found? The Grand Crown Winery is still using wooden fermentation tanks.

Here, let me talk about the benefits of this kind of wood fermentation slot! The fermentation slot uses the pine fermented tank. This wood fermentation slot helps produce a large amount of fruity flavor, and lower OG (primitive gravity) helps to produce ester substances. Choose a more old -fashioned taste with wood fermentation slot!


The Grand Crown Criplads Ferment Tip I shot on the second floor

Don’t look at the fermented tank in front of me, I was taken on the second floor. The fermentation slot is from the ground on the first floor to this height, which is more than 6 meters high!

There was also a story about whiskey ghosts in the last century, and the protagonist fell into this fermented tank! Therefore, everyone should be cautious to do things!


Grand crown winery unique distillers

After fermentation, the coarse wheat wine produced is about 7 ~ 9 degrees, and then sent away the distillation. In the distillation session, whiskey is called first wine once, and the two are called new wine. The more distillation is, the lighter the wine body, and the thicker the other.

The Grand crown winery’s distiller is very unique and is an unusual distillery.

The shape of the distillery of the winery is as slender as a stupa. When distilled in this slender distillery, the strong wine, including various flavors, cannot rise to the top. This will only extract the pure and smooth liquid and bring out the unique taste of the Grand crown. The bottom of the bottleneck is vertical and a purifier is installed. Make the odor and scent of fragrance circulating, so the taste of whiskey obtained is lighter and pure.


Longyue Achi (left) and Dennis Master (right) communicate with copper distillers of whiskey

I have to mention: Because the more copper of the alcohol contact, the more metal reactions that occur, the more spiritual wines produced. This is because copper has the effect of removing the odor of sulfur. On the contrary, the less contact with the copper, the stronger the alcohol will be. Every time, the Grand Crown will give it an elegant fruity aroma through this purifier.

You see the 3 pairs of distillers next to me, so big! Know how many wines they can distilled one day!


Grand Crown Winery’s wine cellar

The liquor is disturbed, and the barrel is needed! Because Scotland has legal provisions for whiskey’s aging time, it should not be less than 3 years!

The flavor of whiskey will change huge changes after the new wine is placed in the oak barrel. The essence of aging is simply to use barrel flavor to affect the taste of wine, because the original flavor of various barrels is different, bringing a variety of changes to the new wine. This step is more like a pickled oak barrel. Pickling new wine often has a new taste that is unexpected.

Whiskey in the Grand Crown Winery


Master Dennis was in the oak barrel warehouse and shared many knowledge about Grand Crown wine barrels with me!


Whiskey barrel in the barrel Chenzhong

Glen Grant currently has seven warehouses and several towns of Rothes nearby. There are an average of 11,500 barrels in the warehouse of the winery, all of which are Bobbon barrels. Sherbuluba is aged in a special warehouse. Seriously, this bucket of Chen’s warehouse is really big!

In the coffee lounge, I and Master Dennister understand many wineries

Unconsciously, I spent nearly two hours when I just visited the whiskey production process of this Grandon crown.

Especially in the in -depth exchanges with Master Dennis, not only confirmed some of my own ideas for whiskey, but also gained many whiskey knowledge that has never been circulated on paper. Share it with you later! Now I want to rest in a cafe, because the next stop I will take everyone to the water source of the Grand Crown to explore the back garden of the Grand Crown!

Everyone remember to pay attention to Longyue Achi, drink whiskey together! Don’t forget to like it, forward it to your needs!

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