Di Lierba Rose princess is so expensive, pearl necklace showed clavicle, netizens: rich flowers on earth

Dili Reba Studio posted a live picture of her attending the Starlight Awards on social platforms, and her shape was amazing everyone.


Dili Reba wore a rose embroidered trailer white gauze skirt, a long -sized crown, her hair clicked, inserted a red rose, echoing the white gauze skirt, the white pearl necklace highlighted the perfect collarbone, the temperament was noble and elegant, and the temperament was noble and elegant. She is both like a princess who came out of the Rose Manor and a powerful queen.

Seeing Dili Reba’s red carpet shape, netizens have some poor words, I do n’t know what to describe her beauty, but the simpler the more beautifully expressed, the deeper. “, Some netizens felt that she was wearing a crown as” Queen’s King “.

Dili Reba debuted for starring in Lu Chuan’s work “The Feast of the King”. In 2018, she won the most popular actor award for the Golden Eagle Festival with “Beautiful Li Huizhen”.

In addition to filming a TV series, she also joined the variety show “Running Brothers” to become a resident guest. She also participated in the recording of the hit variety show “Extreme Challenge Season 5”. Her gains in movies are not small. “Sun and Moon” and other movies have achieved good results.


And her new drama “Advanced Love” is starring her and Huang Jingyu. It tells that the clothing designer Zhou Fang and the e -commerce leader Song Yan met with business lawsuits. The story of being forced to cooperate

Dili Reba’s appearance is a business card walking in the entertainment industry, and she has never been in disappointment. Every time she appears, she can become the highlight of the audience. She hopes that she can continue to maintain the status quo and bring more works to the audience.