3 small tricks to help you solve the injury of the elbow joint

As one of the most important joints of the human body, the elbow joints are like knee joints, which is of great significance to complete our daily activities.

In daily life, eating and washing are inseparable from the help of the elbow joint. Because the daily activity volume is relatively large, lesions are also prone to. In particular, some fitness exercises, etc., will have a certain impact on the elbow joints, and do not pay attention to protecting measures, which is more likely to cause elbow joint injury, which will cause various discomfort symptoms and even affect normal life.

There are many exercise that causes injury to elbow joints. For example, common exercises such as badminton, basketball, table tennis, upward, push -ups, etc. can easily lead to damage to the elbow joint.

At the same time, over -reversing the elbow can also easily lead to damage to the elbow joint, such as boxing, which will cause injury symptoms of elbow joints. Therefore, exercise protection must be done during exercise to reduce the occurrence of elbow joints.

So how to protect in daily life and exercise fitness to prevent the emergence of elbow injury?

1. Do not stretch your hands too straight


It is recommended not to stretch your hands too straight when you do a similar fitness exercise such as bench press. Do not hit your hands too straight when you are flexion, and the angle of the forearm and the big arm is 170 degrees.

Second, bring a protective gear


Choose the correct protective gear to protect the elbow joints to protect the elbow joints. Common protective gear is elbow protection, sports tape, etc. If acute damage occurs in labor or exercise, rest immediately.

3. Protection spray correctly


Use exercise to soothe spray, use chemical effects to promote the vascular wall to increase the secretion of prostaglandin, improve the sensitivity of the smooth muscle of the blood vessels to calcium ions, accelerate the microcirculation, and play a warm -up effect of local body body to reduce the emergence of exercise damage.


If joint pain, redness and swelling such as joint pain, redness and swelling, you can also use the seven -leaf soap to relieve spray. By increasing the secretion of adrenal corticosteroid compounds, play a hormone -like anti -inflammatory effect, reduce the decomposition of protein glycogen of blood vessel wall, thereby reducing the capillary fineness The permeability of the blood vessel wall is reduced, reducing edema and exudation.


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