Winter, year-end, lost ………

a kind


I really know that I am a love until I like it. There is a kind of eye until the two eyes are touched, I know that I like it. a kind


Until until you sleep, I found that it is



, In the case of meeting you


It has been

Be destined

It is eternal. There is a feeling that when I haven’t left, I know it.

one day



. Have a kind of eye, each other? I know that one day will love. A kind of heart


Until I miss you, I found it is loneliness. There is a fate, until you wake up, I found that it is eternal. – Inscription M: 女: Maple


The beginning of the start has been destined. Fall in love, watching you next to me, your elegant face raises a pure smile, turn, stay, just


And wait. Your pretty figure is displayed in front of you, looking back, some movement


The eyes have widen the color of the layer. The past is like smoke, the familiar main melody sounds again, but I don’t see the best shadow.


Instant lost. You are still like this, just know that essays are essays and wait. Autumn in two months, I talked once at the time.

in love

I don’t know.

Is it, 正 青 青 对


Holding a long-awaited mood, he is eager


Affection. He began to pay attention to a shoulder by it.


He is eager to meet love in the girl who should shoulder. Wake up overnight, the sky has become a gray rainy day. Before the school cafeteria, a girl in a gray dress came from him, and he looked up and saw her in the door of the food. He thought, the girl who passed this shoulder was his love. He began to look at her, she is always very quiet, always alone, always wearing a gray casual pants, white casual shoes. Sometimes I will deliberately walk around her, I hope she will notice her own, but she didn’t see her look, did not see her look up, then she didn’t see it. Perhaps you don’t know what is love. Her name is Feng, listening


Said that she is a very


The girl is always smiling, but it is only a kind of eye that makes others can’t read.


. Maple is very


The people around you are because of her existence


. In fact, they only saw the appearance of Maple, no one knows that she always smiles, smile is very stupid, they don’t know that Maple is just smiling to cover up their fragile. They have achieved excellent results with their own efforts, and they got the opportunity to choose the location, but he didn’t know that she sat there after the position, and he chose to be in front, because he has his ideal. And she sat down the second row, he always sat unenres, he missed her. At dusk, surprising cold, cold in the windowsill, the fragrance of the flower, with the wind. That familiar shadow doesn’t know when it can reproduce it. In the lonely night, you turn your sleep, lying on the bed and watching a moon and a star,


The stars and the moon will be so close in people’s eyes? So far from their world?靓 编, in


I still gave up my study in front of learning, he didn’t regret it. He listened to her QQ number from a friend, and said the number recorded the thick notebook. He added her from QQ, but since he added her, he did not see her, and it was anxious.


In the room, music covered all the hustle and bustles outside the window. There is no light on the light, just point the candle, light through the weak light, and painted the face with the brush. This paper is wiped and painted on the painting paper. It is always blurred. In fact, he doesn’t know the face of Maple.靓 靓 黑 白色,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Take out pure white notebook, white paper on white paper. Write down is his


Fantasy, there is a face that is really belonging to Maple.


In order to vent her thoughts, driving bicycles in the street, it seems

every day

It’s all like this, a red light, and a car accident is less. Today, it is just holiday, alone, cold, and again. Stop, rely on the tree. I remembered the scene of school yesterday, they passed, and I couldn’t remember how many times. She never really gaze him, helpless. At this time, the tree slowly fell a few yellow leaves, and the cold wind was blown up, but the leaves were never blown together. At this moment, he seems to understand something, the leaves must want to go to work together. Write a letter to her with a sense of excitement, hoping, brave. Helpless, hesitated, afraid of pain. My friend tells him that at least not regret, it is indeed, after all, I have been so long, I can’t let go. Contradiction, helpless, life is not


Declined in line with grade. Winter, walk in the journey of high school, so don’t brave enough, thinking about the past, heartache. Go home, open the thick notepad, watching the blackwriting that once left a black, it seems too true. Years are not forgiving, I like she is almost three months, everything is like a drunk. Since she broke into his life, his heart was not studying. I don’t understand, why they always pass, every time I look at her, my heart is always warm. I can’t say a few words with her so long, even if it is close together, I can’t find a reason. His heart, she didn’t understand, his paid reminded. Late the night will always think about her sleep, my mind will have her figure. I can’t say that I can’t say that I can’t say it. If I want to wait until I lose, I know how to cherish it. Helpless, in this winter season, heart will always be lonely, cold


Always so ruthless. The cold wind will always invade his heart, and the cold air has already wrapped warm.

Who is thinking about the thoughts in my heart? No longer hesitating, throwing everything, deciding to rush out the shackles in your heart, bravely face everything. The letter has been sent, the heart is very messy, and it is very bad. The letter is coming, the heart is cold, standing alone in the corridor, but the eyes have been humid, no one can see it.


From the moment of the eyes, I reached out but found that it has been caught off guard. This is the first drop of her.



the first time

Tears that have lost their girls. Open a bicycle, another Mercedes-Benz in the street, the speed is amazing, just, tears have already covered their eyes, wet clothes, never hide their fragile. The weak body is lying on the bed, watching the white ceiling, listening to “

Love a person

Is it wrong? “, The heart is like a knife. A cerebellar is emerging in the scene, the body that is already numb, unconsciously trembled. The past, like a sunny day, hit my heart, open the thick notebook, tears drops, wet black, black, pick up the gray pen, write: Tears know what is Love. Late night, I haven’t slept for a long time, my heart is exhausted, music still sounds: I hope she will pass happiness, how I hope I can give her a little bit, but I have to tease my feelings. What happened, what happened? Is it wrong to love someone? Although I love someone is very bitter, I still want to love a little, what happened, how did I cry? I loved her to love so, and the last cried and happiness, I don’t want to love her, but I miss her … picking up the wine next to it, still falling in my mouth, the fourth bottle, not drunk, is a heart too Broken or drunk and broken heart. He wants to be too broken, lying down, close his eyes. … The alarm clock next to it is the same at 6 o’clock in the morning. Yesterday, I came to a blue grass next to a blue grass, and I asked “I still have a chance?” If the shadow is hidden, a touch of eye is like a smoke. Blue grass, this is a familiar shadow, the water-like gentle, on the yarn of the window sill, so that he deeply loves. Melancholy mood, less former


No one knows his fragility in his heart, there is his figure every day. Trying to use basketball to anesthes yourself, vent your feelings. It’s raining, the pulse of the veins, before the falling window, the purple yarn is soft and cold, and the autumn has quietly walked away.


It has fallen into the crystal clear. This season, some chills, the cold wind blows from the windowsill, and a cold man hits the heart. Thoughts, dramatically, such as strokes whispering in the rain. Open a window and let the light rain flutter. The little water droplets falling into the eye blind, secretly wet his eyes, no time to dodge, clothes and fragrance. It has a wind blowing, a blue blue


lotus. Let him marvel in this moment. That Chu Chu’s appearance, let him deeply love, this is not the snow in the rain, but it is a blue tears in his heart. Gently close the curtains, listen to the window

wind and rain

Low whispered. Maybe he is too embarrassing, this rain is also happy.


! The rain drops closely with glass seems to break, break through this layer of bound, but no choice but is unwillingly with the rough pattern of glass, weakness, and falling withouthing. Under the fainted lights in the house, at this moment, he quietly leaned on the bed, listening to music, like this, and more obsessed with such late night, let people have a strategic thing. But at this moment, the mood can’t calmly, the ear listened to a beautiful song, the song is secluded, just like the rain outside the window, the 无 无 的,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I remembered what happened in the past few days, turned off the music, tried no longer looking for the past footprint, helpless past, just like the rain, constantly, waving. Like this late night, like this life, numb is not benevolent, occasionally there is a trace of stinging. The night is deeper, there is no city’s hustle, only quiet night, turn it on the light, open the candlelight, although only a little bit of misma, but you can warm his heart, you don’t want to be as bright as the light candle, let people go everywhere. The night is more quiet, the street light is also awkward at this time, and An An is quiet. Night, quiet night made him an answer, lonely, it has always been her ruthless.


I remember: If there is a flower, I will leave the heart to you. If there is a wind blow, I will leave the leaves to you. If there is a long tide, I will leave the joy to you, if you look These


Will care, please tell me, in fact, you care about me. Because, you let me think it is really good … End: Out of the diary of dust is full, the gangs are governed …


It is so ruthless, with a lonely heart, under the storm, a star light in front of you, as if the stars in the sky are gently scribbled, and approaching a few but a few The lights, accidental mood, just like these faint lights, such as the scene, the lights illuminate a pair of pairs


The face, let them close to the depths of the soul, the sparks once again burned, but they are so brilliant. Light fishing fires, skewers, string, is like a white water-like taste, faint back … falling three feet, deciduous two points, fascinating like a small boat, everything It is that wind is calm, may I ask if this shabby ticket can be able to open the boat … I feel the cold wind around you, maybe it?


The chill brought the warmth of the cold, looked at the leaves on the branches, another passionate destination … occasionally a few leaves, extending many stories in an instant, extended many sweet sour, a fallen leaves, Several Psychic Winter Pharmacy. I don’t know next year.


The flowers will not open, maybe pick one or two, can put the spring dowry for her … still use the text, come to reveal the heart, a faint, sad? Lonely, helpless … We have not started to have an ending, it is an endless end, it is an instant to become a sunset in an instant. I don’t want to say anything, hurt my pain, because more words can’t express my heartbeat. a kind


It is a heartache that can’t be said. Looking at the crowd of smiling, I still smile, my


No one misfes it.

a kind

in love