The leading technical advantage of Fengjun 5 also guarantees the realization of low fuel consumption

In the body size, as a pickup, the wheelbase of Fengjun 5 exceeds 3 meters. At the same time, it also provides a certain data basis for the maximum load capacity of the rear box. The items in the cargo box are greatly helpful, and it also has the function of anti -rainproof cloth used in a fixed specific period. In terms of tires, Fengjun 5 uses five all -aluminum alloy wheels with a Gutong Maxway tire with a specification of 215/75R15. The wide tires ensure the comfort of driving. The side of the body side of the body is relatively gentle and natural. The overall lines are different from the style of foreign pickups. They are biased towards a flexible route against the lining of the tough front face. The sideways two -color rearview mirror and chrome door handle and silver spray paint complement each other, which looks more technological and fashionable.


In terms of interior, as a unique domestic pickup, the luxury of the interior is definitely subverting people’s perception of domestic pickups. The interior design is novel and rich in configuration, and almost everything necessary for ordinary family cars. The material in the car is mainly hard plastic, which is not much different in various models at the same level. However, the assembly process is very delicate. It is much more detailed than many competitors, and there will be no gaps that make you unacceptable. On the center of the center console, the steering wheel adopts a standard four -frame design. In addition to the large -sized Great Wall LOGO, it also has multi -function keys to control the audio and humanized settings to facilitate the control of the driver. The instrument panel is simply divided into three parts. The speedometer also uses green to mark the best shift speed range, which is clear and practical. The windows on the four doors are controlled by electric lifting control, and the window of the main driver also has a one -button lifting function. In this area, the configuration of central control locks, electric rearview mirrors, and window locks. There is a switch on the left and rear fog lights on the left side of the steering wheel. At the same time, the backlight of the instrument panel can also be adjusted.

In terms of power, Fengjun 5 uses a 2.8T diesel engine. The main components of the engine adopt the original German Bosch’s original accessories. Fully ensure that the engine is high -quality, small noise, and low fuel consumption. The leading technical advantage of Fengjun 5 also guarantees the realization of low fuel consumption.


In summary, as a fashionable and luxurious autonomous pickup, the Great Wall Fengjun 5 “has the longest cargo compartment, the highest depth of the car, and the largest volume” is the unique advantage of Fengjun’s large double pickup. Feng Junda has become the first choice for special users such as many individual business and engineering, and is hailed as “China’s most practical pickup” and “best wealthy partner” by consumers. Interested friends can call local dealers to consult in detail.