Hua Nuo Bio: R & D self -repairing hydrogel materials to meet the needs of medical equipment consumables in the field of wound repair

In 2016, global biomass and organization restoration of the renewal market exceeded 140 billion US dollars, and my country’s market size exceeded 370 billion yuan. With the intensification of global population aging and a large number of organ transplantation needs, the organization of regeneration clinical needs will be further increased.

It is based on the clinical needs of human trauma repair and organ repair and regeneration that Dr. Wang Hua Nan founded the Huino Biological in 2017 and focused on the research and development, production, promotion and sales of implant biomedical materials medical weapon consumables.

As a new type of biomass, hydrogels have huge application potential in human tissue and organ repair damage. Self -cultivation of self -cultivation hydrogel developed by Huaeno Biology

Fast self -repair, high stretching, high elasticity, strong pressure resistance, strong operability, injection, printed, shaped

The advantages and characteristics can be used for clinical scenes such as trauma and hemostasis, tissue bonding, and bone repair.

At present, Hua Nuo Bio has developed two products: self -repairing hydrogel materials to develop two products that can be injected with hemostatic gel and injected bone repair gel.

Among them, the injection of hematopoietic gel has achieved large -scale production and is about to enter the clinical trial stage.

Breaking through many technical bottlenecks of hydrogel materials, have a number of patents

At present, materials used clinically for tissue repair and regeneration are mainly biological inertia materials such as titanium alloy. Biological inertial material has great strength and good toughness, and can be used for repair and replacement of hard tissues such as bone and teeth. It has significant advantages in fixed and load -bearing. However, after the implantation of inert substances into the human body, it is also easy to occur in the human body. Therefore, new biomedical materials are urgently needed in the field of human trauma repair and organ repair.

The development of materials science and medicine has promoted the emergence of a variety of new biomedical materials, and water gel materials are one of them. Water gel is synthesized by the crosslinage or physical (non -covalent) cross -linking of the polymer and other small molecules. Yu Shui hydrophilic mesh polymer bloating body.

Water gel is similar to human tissue, with good flexibility and biocompatibility, and is very suitable for human tissue repair and organ regeneration. However, at present, there are few clinical applications of hydrogels, and most technologies remain at the stage of scientific research. Dr. Wang Hua Nan said: “This is because hydrogels need to solve many difficulties in clinical practice.

For example, how to improve the intensity of hydrogel, how to ensure the safety of the source of the material, how to achieve degradable and absorbable, how to achieve the performance of injection, printing, plasticity, etc., how to ensure the stability of the product, etc. The application of glue materials in clinical. “

At present, there are many kinds of hydrogels that have been developed, such as high -strong water gel, responsive hydrogel, bionic hydrogel, and self -repairing hydrogel.

Among them, self -repairing hydrogel has the ability to quickly self -repair, fast solidification, can be processed repeatedly, and the application value is very large. Hua Nuo creatures are currently rare in China that break through the technical difficulties and industrialization of self -repairing water gel materials and industrialization. Bottleneck company.

Wang Hua Nan, the founder of Huaenor Bio, is a PhD in biomedical engineering at Sichuan University, a doctorate in the School of Medicine at Namegen University in the Netherlands, and a postdoctoral school of Harvard University School of Medicine and Engineering.

As early as 2010, Wang Hua Nan was conducting technical research and development and basic research on self -repairing hydrogel materials. In 2015, when he returned to China, he began to consider the transformation of self -repairing hydrogel materials. In 2016, Hua Nuo creatures were in Shenzhen in Shenzhen Established.


Ultra -molecular non -covalent -linked colloid network hydrogel design and preparation technology

Formed, the raw materials are safe and non -toxic, with high mechanical strength. The preparation time before surgery is less than 1 minute. It is easy to make, easy to promote clinical promotion, and has the advantages of injection, printable, plasticity, degradable absorption and other advantages.

At present, Hua Nuo Bio has formed a technical barrier in self -cultivation of hydrogel materials, with ultra -low end toxin polymer raw material purification process, colloidal particle large quantity preparation technology, self -repairing hydrogel design and preparation technology, etc., and has relevant invention authorization authorization authorization. Eight public patents and 4 PCT patent applications.

Active hemostatic gel has achieved large -scale production, and clinical trials are about to carry out clinical trials

The application scenarios of self -repairing hydrogel materials in the medical field are very wide. Dr. Wang Hua Nan introduced: “Based on self -repairing hydrogel technology, a variety of products can be developed to meet the needs of different clinical scenes. For example, in terms of trauma and hemostasis Can inject hemostatic gels and hemostatic powder, can develop tissue filling gel in the field of medical beauty, and develop adhesive hydrogel in the field of trauma repair. “

At present, Hua Nuo Bio is developing two types of hydraulic gel products. One is the COLLOIDOSE injecting hematopoietic gel, and the other is the Colloid-OSTOO of the Koio’s column repair gel.

COLLOIDOSE can inject the hemostatic gel processed by natural gelatin. The strength of the gel material can be controlled and adhesive. It can automatically degrade it into water and carbon dioxide.

Even arterial bleeding with large bleeding and high bleeding blood pressure can effectively stop bleeding. While hemostasis, the product can also effectively adsorb and slowly release the active factors in the trauma tissue liquid, promote tissue repair and regeneration, and increase product curative effect.

In the large animal hemostatic experiment, the clutoidose can inject the spray bleeding and deep liver trauma of the hemostatic gel on the carotid artery, which reflects the rapid, reliable, and stable hemostatic effect.

At present, Hua Nuo Bio has built nearly a thousand Ping GMP -class super -clean workshop and the global self -restoration of supercapyling lines. Coloidose in injection can be injected with large -scale production and is about to enter the clinical trial stage. Wang Hua Nan said: “The company’s injection hematopoietic gel is the first domestic injection -antibody -stop consumable, which can fill the market gap after listing.”


In addition, the injection of bone filling materials has become the focus of research and development of European and American companies. Most of my country’s bone filling materials are monopolized by imported products. Hua Nuo creatures are expected to break this situation.

The Coloid-OSTEO developed by the company can inject bone repair gel with natural gelatin and bone active material. It has the same components as bone tissue, which can effectively promote the growth of new bones and suitable for non-inherited weight defect repair, such as Fix the bone defects of non -negative or low -weight parts, spine compressed fracture filling and resetting reinforcement, enhancement of osteoporosis vertebral body, and injection filling after the clearance of vertebral tumors.

Lack of injections and induced bone regeneration products in the domestic market,

The Coloid-OSTEO of Walun Bio can inject bone repair gels take into account the intensity, injection, shaping, rapid solidification, and bone induction, which can effectively solve the current clinical bottleneck problems, and the potential for market promotion in the later period is huge.

At present, the company’s injection bone gel products are under development and are about to achieve large -scale production.

Next, Hua Nuo Biological hopes to push the company’s injection antibody and bone repair gel to the market in 2 to 3 years to seize the market space. In addition, the company will also develop more new products based on self -repairing hydrogel technology, such as tissue adhesives, tissue filling gel, drug -loading gel, tissue engineering bracket, etc., and strive to grow into human trauma repair and organ regeneration Leading companies in the field.