Featured dermatitis “favored” teenagers Shanghai startup students’ skin health status research

Dongfang.com reporter Liu Yilin reported on September 14: Today is the world’s specialty dermatitis day. Feelive dermatitis is a cure systemic immune disease. In recent years, the prevalence has continued to increase, and it is especially “favored” young people. Experts point out that in addition to scientifically receiving drug treatment, it is essential for patients with appropriate dermatitis, clothing, clothing, accommodation, and psychological health.

According to Guo Yifeng, deputy director of the dermatology department affiliated to Xinhua Hospital affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University, from the perspective of the incidence of adolescent patients, the most obvious symptoms are dry skin, chronic eczema -like skin lesions and obvious itching. Compared to adults, adolescent groups are more concerned about skin diseases, and it is more difficult to tolerate the huge pain caused by itching and pain caused by long -term illness. Negative emotions such as depression.

Guo Yifeng said: teenagers are often on campus and social age. Diseases cause long -term sleep insufficient sleep and decreased energy, which will have a negative impact on their learning life and social networking. 46%of patients with adolescent dermatitis affect their learning due to acute seizures, and more than 50%of adolescents have reduced self -confidence in patients with appropriate dermatitis, fear of socializing, and even depression symptoms. It should be paid attention to that patients often combine allergic rhinitis, asthma and other 2 types of inflammatory diseases, and patients with medium -weight specialty dermatitis have higher risk of combined and common diseases, and the burden on the disease is heavier.

Guo Yifeng emphasized that the disease management of adolescents and adults is different. In view of the special physiological characteristics of adolescents, the safety of treatment of medication is particularly important. The treatment goal of characteristic dermatitis is to maximize the relief and long -term control symptoms. For the academic age period Adolescents can safely and effectively relieve symptoms and reduce and prevent recurrence. Aiming at the treatment of adolescents and adults with or more adults and adults, there are already safe and effective treatment methods. New targeted biological agents can quickly, significantly, and continuously improve the degree of skin lesions and itching symptoms of patients with dermatitis. Essence

Experts remind that for adolescent patients with appropriate dermatitis, clothing, clothing, accommodation, and mental health are essential. “Clothing”: It is recommended to wear more loose and cotton clothes to avoid wool fabrics as much as possible; “food”: adolescent children’s growth and development is particularly important. It is recommended to try different foods. Avoid; “Living”: The suitable temperature of the environment is 20-24 degrees, try to avoid sweating; “Xing”: Do a good job of sunscreen, you can try mild, medical sunscreen or physical sunscreen; In 32-37 degrees, you can use shower gel to clean the whole body, especially the skin lesions, strengthen skin moisturizing after cleaning, and use lotion or cream to repair the skin barrier; Encourage more and rebuild their children’s self -confidence.

It is understood that in order to deeply understand the cognitive status and the burden of skin health and characteristic dermatitis, the “Survey of the Skin Health Status of Youth” was officially released today. This survey was guided by the Office of the Shanghai Health Promotion Committee. The Shanghai Daily and the Shanghai Health Promotion Center jointly sponsored. It is planned to conduct extensive investigations on skin diseases and cognition of dermatology and cognition of young people at 12-17 years old. Pay attention to the understanding of skin diseases such as special dermatitis, the impact of skin problems on the quality of life and mental health of young people, and the choice of treatment methods and methods.

Source: Dongfang.com