The black technology “invisible mosquito net” snatched by 100 million families! Hanging at hand, there is no mosquitoes within 100 days!

Is the most biggest in summer? Intersection Mosquito!

I haven’t waited for me to return to my mind from the tragic situation of last year

Last week … I was bitten again!

Mosquito repellent operation is obviously imminent

I also bought a lot of mosquito repellent products before

The effect is not good, some also contain harmful ingredients


At the time of a headache, our life was a little with a little master who brought me a mosquito repellent:

Japan’s century -old mosquito repellent brand


Kincho -Golden Bird Mosquito does not come to prevent mosquito nets,

You can repel mosquitoes everywhere.

Mom too! Really thieves are easy to use thieves, and hate each other!

Japanese anti -mosquito century -old national brand

The Kincho brand is a hundred -year -old brand in Japan. It was founded in 1885 and has gone through 132 years. It is still constantly insisting on innovation.

How high is the national degree of golden birds in Japan? The first mosquito coil in the world was invented by Kincho’s founder.


At the same time, it is also the first company to invent electronic mosquito coils, natural mite removal, anti -mosquito nets and other products.

Not only in Japan, but also the leader of the world’s family sanitary insecticide.

I bring you this today

Golden Bird Anti -Mosquito Net

Also obtained

Japan’s invention awards, and 23 patented technologies


Since its listing in 2007, it has sold more than 100 million in Japan.


Japanese supermarkets and drugstores can be seen everywhere


Many Japanese dramas will also appear in it


100 -day long -acting mosquito repellent naturally harmless

Release the smell effective mosquito repellent


Mosquito repellent products are really the last word. See what people used on Amazon said


Let’s take a look at our live -action measurement. The mosquito repellent effect is visible to the naked eye!

Yes, in order to test that we have raised some mosquitoes


After putting in the anti -mosquito net, the mosquito fled quickly after the smell spread out in less than 1 minute.

It is not enough, come to see the moving picture


Within a minute, mosquitoes fell to the bottom.

It also said that for a long time, it exorcinated a cow fork, so how did it do?

You must know that although mosquitoes are rampant, it also has a dislike, such as Ya Lai Xiang, Aurel, and Chrysanthemum.

How can this mosquito -proof net “drive away mosquitoes”?


It is through the general


Pharmacy is refined into the mosquito repellent resin grid, releases the smell of mosquito hate, and changes the smell of the surrounding environment.

Let the mosquito “detour”, this will naturally form

A barrier similar to the “invisible mosquito net”

, Mosquito can’t get in if you want to get in!


Naturally harmless to the human body

In addition to the effect, mosquito repellent products like this,


The most important thing is the security of the human body.

The ordinary mosquito repellent method is mostly killed by mosquitoes. However, it can kill mosquitoes, indicating that this product also has some toxicity.


The difference between the golden bird anti -mosquito net is


Mosquito repellent does not kill mosquitoes

, It uses

Pharmaceuticals to be removed.


You only need to hang the anti -mosquito net in the ventilation,

It only takes tens of seconds

, Pharmacy can spread


Form the “Mosquito repellent barrier”

Goose and,

There will be no mosquitoes run into the house within 100 days.


Long -term mosquito repellent properly ~

Safety is of course passed through authoritative testing.

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It is easy to repel mosquito repellent, convenient and intimate


Golden Bird Anti -Mosquito Net adopted

Unique three -dimensional mesh cross structure

, Expand the spread of the agent, and have

High water resistance and light resistance.


even though


Rainy sun exposure does not affect the effect of giving play to the potion

It also has a commonly thoughtful design, which adds “firm hooks” to resist strong wind, and it is also stable for outdoor use.




No need to use electricity and batteries, more environmentally friendly and convenient

Oh ~

If you need mosquito repellent, just hang it, you can get it, you can move, it is convenient to move the intestines ~

It can be used for outdoor activities in the house

Summer mosquitoes can be said to be ubiquitous. In order to prevent annoying mosquitoes from entering the room, we will set up a layer of “mosquito repellent” in the house ~

Ordinary mosquito repellent products, such as mosquito repellent spray, mosquito repellent solution, you have to spray once every other time, otherwise the effect will be gone soon


Not to mention something like mosquito coils! It is used to run out in one hour, and the smell of smell is very likely to be harmful to the human body!

Our mosquito repellent net only needs to hang there to repel mosquitoes! and! Absolutely safe and harmful ~


1⃣️ Hang on the balcony

2⃣️ Hang on the doors and windows

3⃣️ Hang under the eaves, don’t want to come in.


4⃣️ Put it in the dormitory and see which mosquito is still mad.

5⃣️ can also be put in the hospital. The patient is not disturbed by mosquitoes and sleeps better.



The room was safe, but it lost its protection as soon as he went out, and adults were unbearable.

Not to mention

The baby’s delicate skin

In case of scratching the skin and inflammation, the parents’ hearts are uncomfortable.

Golden Bird’s Fang Mosquito Network can also be hung in the courtyard. In the summer, it is cold in the yard, and he is no longer afraid that the baby will be bitten by mosquitoes.

Even if it is outdoors, the wind and rain are not afraid of the sun, and the effect of anti -mosquito is still stable!

Before the outdoor use, lift the hook first, and lock the hook end to the protruding part of the container, and it will firmly fix.

Hanging outdoors, even if the wind blows the rain, it will not drop!

1⃣️ Camping ️ Hang on the tent

2⃣️ Mountaineering ️ Hang on the backpack: Prevention of poisonous poisoning mosquitoes close to

3⃣️ During fishing, hang around: prevent poison mosquitoes from the water from approaching


You can use it and hang it up

How to use is often simple ~


1⃣️ Take out the product from the sealed bag


2⃣️ Use the pen to change the replacement date (so that you will not forget when it should be replaced)

3⃣️ Lift up and linked before the suspension

4⃣️ Lock the hook end to the raised part of the container, and fix it firmly

Each mosquito net

The effective range is about 20 square meters. General families, 2-3 at a time,


Just put it in the area where mosquitoes are most likely to enter. You can adjust your use according to the actual situation at home.

The validity period of a box of mosquito nets is 100 days

, Need to be replaced after expiration, it is almost a period of summer.

Intimate tips (focusing):


Different wind directions and suspension positions have different mosquito repellent effects

After a period of use, if you feel that the effect of mosquito repellent is not ideal, remember

Replace the position.


There are two specifications of this anti -mosquito net, mint incense and fragrance types. You can choose according to the preferences of sending.

The use of talents has the right to speak

Mosquito repellent effect thief stick


Hang the mosquito no longer come again

Do not need to smoke non -smoke -free and chemical liquid

Get out this summer, mosquito


Japanese golden bird mosquito does not come to prevent mosquito nets


Original price 99 yuan,

Limited time discount price 89 yuan





Long press the QR code to scan and buy

Long press the QR code to scan and buy