The younger sister is wearing a black mid -length suit with a dark green handbag, full of high -level sense

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The younger sister is wearing a black mid -length suit with a dark green handbag, which is really personal.

S high sense!

A fashionable young lady was shot on the street, with long curly hair, charming and moving. The younger sister turned out to be exquisite makeup and wearing silver tassel earrings, she looked full of personality and fashionable. In the usual styling, you can also use this kind of tassel earrings. Its advantage is that you can modify your face shape, especially the fairy with round faces. Wearing a tassel earrings can lengthen the face lines.


In the choice of clothing, the younger sister is wearing a black mid -length suit. In fact, girls who wear black suits in daily life are also capable and easy -going. This suit also uses the waist design, which is very thin. The younger sister also chose a black tube top shirt with a black casual shorts below to easily show the long legs of the younger sister. The young lady’s black dress will not feel monotonous at all. Instead, because of the proper matching, she can especially show the unique personality charm of the younger sister.

The younger sister stepped on a pair of black -toe sand slippers with a pair of black -bottomed toe, thin heels, cool, and showing the elegant figure of the younger sister.

However, the biggest highlight of the lady’s whole body is the dark green handbag on the young lady. Ink green itself is a very high -level color. It is more fashionable and high -level with black wear.

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