Inventory the backpack we have carried in those years

The backpacks seem to be considered a symbol of the student days. It accompanied us through the green and ignorant campus time. However, now the backpack is no longer the choice of the student party. The texture of the texture can improve your temperament and make you a unique fashionista in seconds.

Xunle Original Super Personalized Handmade Termination Backpack Unique Retro Backpack Men’s GM Travel Backpack

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【Xunle Retro Pepper】




Fashion index: ★★★★ ☆

Reservation index: ★★★ ☆☆

The rich retro style backpack, from the color matching to the style design, all have a British fashion sense from the last century. The choice of dark brown color is very clever, directly positioning the overall style on the tone of the retro classic. The irregular graphic bodies design is very novel. The overall dark color body is “lit”, and the overall effect becomes three -dimensional and layered. The retro -style hand -carrying design and the dual zipper design on the bag are very delicate and fashionable. In conjunction with the overall style, it also plays a good practical role. The overall material of the bag is soft and wear -resistant. The lining is strong and tough, and the storage space is large and practical.

Rafisine cowhide women’s bag, locomotive messenger bag rivet shoulder bag Korean backpack college style women’s rivets


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[Rafostine Rivet Powder Backpack]

Rivet elements with metal texture are often applied to the rock -style dark clothing, which makes many people dare not try it easily, and this shoulder bag from Riffelstine has sweet and stylish candy pink and rivet elements. Combined, showing a rebellious sweet girl style. The material of the first layer of cowhide, the finished product is soft and comfortable, high -end wear -resistant. The version is a classic fashion design style created by the famous designer through many years of practical experience. The embedded ice crystal rivet design is kneaded into the girl’s rebellion and unique personality on the basis of a sweet style. The overall style is stylish and sweet and very personal.

And Mo sheepskin woven backpack women’s bag college wind bag 2016 new mini leather backpack women’s schoolbag

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【Ermo woven backpack】

The weaving -style single product design will also have a retro feeling like the old era. Hand -woven is the first exquisite skills from Italy. It is all weaving with elegance and romance. This woven lines from ERMO, which is small and exquisite in the bag, uses high -end sheepskin materials. The touch is soft and comfortable, and it is not easy to deform. There is an outer pocket design in front of the bag, which is more humane, can increase the storage space, and more practical. The overall body is also exquisite and small. It cannot be installed too much. It is suitable for shopping to store small volume items.

Micie/Meixi 2016 biped bag female cowhide backpack casual shoulder sloping cross -bag women’s bag


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【Micie casual backpack】


Fashion index: ★★★ ☆☆

Reasons on the list:

The design of the backpack has long got rid of the naive taste. On the contrary, a very “charm” backpack will also improve your temperament and improve your return rate. This casual backpack from Micie chose the most classic pure black design from the color point of view, always revealing a kind of intellectual and mature taste. The design of the shape is very elegant. The selected cowhide sectional transplantation leather material is bright and delicate, full of fashionable noble temperament. The metal lock design on the cover is the finishing touch of the backpack. The metal bright material selection further enhances the overall grade of the bag. The simple but not simple style is very surprising.

Liancan Bohemia Correction Embroidery Blossom Backpack Women’s Bag 2016 New Products Leisure Travel Backpack

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【Lian Chan Bosomiya backpack】

Reservation index: ★★★★ ☆

Lian Chan’s design products will have a unique story behind it. This backpack is the story of a wanderer. The elegant and elegant Bohemian national style is more like a colorful world that enjoys a vanity world. The belonging of the heart. The bodies use the head layer of litchi pattern cowhide, retro and soft, and the metal zipper hand is smooth and practical. The essence of the realistic creativity of the Bohemian national printing pattern uses the most mature traditional embroidery technology of the Chinese folk to perfectly combine the national style pattern with the soft leather material to make such a retro -elegant “artistic work” Essence The internal storage space of the body is reasonable and spacious, and the practicality is extremely strong.

Eland Korean Dian Dian 16 -year contrasting alphabet eaak6s102E counter genuine

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【Eland color matching backpack】

The collision between colors and color often wipes different fashion sparks. This fashion color matching backpack from ELAND uses the strongest color contrast design to make the overall style jump and eye -catching. The bodies are mainly spliced ​​with red and blue. The strong contrast of the warm and cold color makes the personality of this bag very unique. The three -dimensional rivet design of the forefront is very novel and clever, making the overall bag look playful and cute. The three -dimensional brand logo design is also very distinctive, so that the bag body does not look monotonous and unique. The strong bag and the smooth pull -up design are the extra points of this backpack. The most important three -dimensional bodies are relatively large and wide, and the overall practicality is enhanced.


Reservation index: ★★★ ☆☆