Must -buy: Give the G502 Hero master game mouse

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It’s about to go on holidays soon. Who doesn’t want to take a break at home to play games at home? Logitech G502 HREO’s master wired mouse is born for games. All the designs on the G502 are only to master the overall situation in the game.

必买:把把吃鸡 罗技G502 HERO主宰者游戏鼠标

G502 Hero’s dominant mouse has 11 programmable buttons, which can be customized according to their preferences through Logitech’s software, which is an essential function for gaming mouse. At the same time, the backlight of the mouse can be customized through the software. The G502 Hero master has about 16.8 million colors, supporting LightSync light effect, and can be transformed by lighting according to the actions in different games (requiring software adaptation games).

It can also regulate the mouse feel that is best for you through 5 dictation blocks of about 3.6 grams, and can preset different DPIs through the G Shift button, which is very important when it needs to be accurate. The roller of the G502 Hero is made of metal, and it also supports switching of two rolling modes, which is very convenient.

必买:把把吃鸡 罗技G502 HERO主宰者游戏鼠标

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