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Gold and Silver Flower Records

Golden and silver flowers are both beautiful ornamental plants, but also important Chinese medicinal materials. When the flowers were blooming, it was silver -white, and then it became yellow. Two colors were blooming on a tree at the same time. Also known as the two flowers, double flowers, or crickets. Golden and silver flowers can be used as medicine, and they are known as the “small fairy of the medicine shop”. However, the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the flower buds is better, so it is also known as “holy medicine”.

Golden and silver flowers, also known as Renovong. “Golden and Silver Flowers” comes from “Compendium of Materia Medica”. Because the honeysuckle is first opened into white, and then turns yellow, it is named named gold and silver flower. The gold and silver flowers of the medicinal materials are the ninja -hinker, and the plant for winter and the flowers of the same plant or the flowers bloomed with the initial blooming.

Golden and silver flowers, blooming in March, five out, slightly fragrant, red with red, the flowers are white when they are opened at first, and they are yellow after one or two days, so they are named gold and silver flowers. Also, because of the two flowers and two flowers, the two stamens were explored, and the pairs were paired.


Gold and Silver Flowers have been hailed since ancient times


Good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying

Essence It is sweet and cold, and the cold is clearing the heat without hurting the stomach. Gold and silver flowers can not only spread the wind and heat, but also clearly solve the blood poisoning, and are used for various thermal diseases, such as body heat, hair rash, hair spots, heat sore sores, sore throat and pain, etc., with significant effects.


The efficacy and application of honeysuckle

【Medical location】

The flower buds of the honeysuckle plant of the honeysuckle.


Silver flowers, Shuanghua, Erhua, Erbao Flower, Ling Winter Flower, heron flower, native winter, local silver flowers

[Sexual flavor]

Gan, cold.


Return to lung, heart, stomach meridian.

【Function Indications】

Clear heat and detoxify, evacuate wind heat. It belongs to the category of clearing heat and detoxifying drugs under the heat -clearing drug.


1) Golden and silver flowers have cold blood and stopping diarrhea. They have the effects of detoxifying and refractory, cold blood, and cold blood and throat.

2) Golden and silver flowers have anti -inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and have strong dispersion and swelling on bloated scabies and intestinal lungs, clearing heat and detoxifying.

3) Golden and silver flowers have the effects of heat and dissemination of evil. The external sensation of the wind and heat or warm disease has a certain effect on fever, headache, annoying less, stunned tongue, dry throat and dry mouth.

4) Golden and silver flowers have a certain inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Hemorrhizal Bacteria, E. coli, Dyntariolasia, Hoothibacteria, Typhoid, and Puxeeobacterius.

5) Clearing the heat of the heat (hot heat and thirst) use the symptoms of heat, fever, thirst, and children’s fever, dumplings and other symptoms. This product is mostly used by distillation into honeysuckle dew.



Dosage is 6 to 15 grams, decoction; or pills, loose. External use: appropriate amount, pound. Use bloated scabies, laryngeal paralysis, elixir poison, heat poisoning blood, wind and cold, fever and fever.

[Contraindications of medication] Those who are cold and cold and sores are cautious.


Ancient classics

“Compendium of Materia Medica”

It is recorded: “Gold and silver flowers are good at turning poison, so cure gangrene, swelling and poison, and soreness.”

“Famous Medicine”

Middle records: “Ling Winter, December Cai, Yin dry”. The honeysuckle period is from April to June (autumn is often blooming), so it can be inferred that the part used is a vine with leaves.

Song Dynasty

“Taiping Shenghui Fang”

Yun “blood and poisonous diarrhea, ninja vine decoction”.

Ming Dynasty

“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”

Carrying: “Golden and silver flowers are bitter, cold. Clear heat, relieve sores, gangrene back, unknown swelling, sanoma, and 瘰. Teng can wide, eliminate phlegm, eliminate wind heat, clear throat heat pain.”

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty

Records: “The stems and leaves of the for winter are the same. The people in the past call it to treat the wind, remove swelling, and relieve diarrhea as a medicine …, later generations call it swelling, scattered poison, and sore sores.”

Daily Popular Science



Honeysuckle+chrysanthemum: clear fire and acne

The chrysanthemum is clearing heat and removing fire, and the gold and silver flowers are detoxified. Two partners who are suitable for staying up late together are obvious on the effect of not mature acne.

Lotus leaf+honeysuckle: anti -inflammatory calm

Some acne is red and swollen, and the lotus leaves and honeysuckle have anti -inflammatory effects, and have a good anti -inflammatory and calming effect on red and swollen acne.


“Compendium of Materia Medica”