Dress female 2019 spring new long woolen plaid spring bottom skirt long sleeve skirt spring

Very short-skinned red system, in the shallow to bring some watermelon water, the upper body is more feminine, the decorative decorative doll of the age is a little bit of playfulness, less than a little bit, hit color The grilled elements are too tall, but the chic doll collar, the colored button, the gentle water, the water, the water, will go, leaving only the Wen Yi people.

“Delicate water red” personality fashion

When I think of red, I can think of lipstick, almost a human hand, it can be seen that it is a large heat. It is apparent to the skin color,



This is also the same. Between the red and rose red, plus colored plants, express women’s fashion, avant-garde.

“Doll Collar” collision button


The unique doll collar, the age of age is better than the regular, and the neck line can be brought to the face and make the face more small. Add the color jumping color


It is even more viable, and the grati’s implicit balance, one moving is a quiet.


“Benfa belt” Slim version

A book belt is hidden in the waist, and it seems that it seems that the waist is so slender. The slim version is tailored according to the human curve stereo.


“Colorful grid fabric” comfortable

Looking far, it is deeply shallow grille. The nearby taste is another taste. The fabric texture is very deep, weaving into a fancy feeling of jacquard style, implicitly, and polyester characteristics, comfortable while type.

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