Ring Ring

The fingers have been blurred and slightly pale marks, just like the happy time we once possessed,

Starting, gradually fading … faded … finally disappeared

That year, the two were separated from the two places. He worked in a city 200 kilometers away. She lived and worked in this small city surrounded by lakes and mountains. She sometimes drove to see him on weekends.


One day she saw a delicate ring on the computer that was the kind of silver couple’s ring, which can be carved on the name of the lover or vow to the lover. Although he has bought a platinum ring for her When she saw the couple’s silver ring on the computer, she still couldn’t help but feel involuntarily, because although the two had just got married, she hadn’t given him any gifts, and she set a pair. On that day he got a business trip in a city to her call. Let him measure the size of his fingers. He doesn’t know how to measure? Suddenly, the clever machine ran to a nearby gold shop for the clerk to measure the size of his fingers.

It didn’t take long for her to receive the rings of the rings of silver shining. There was a heart type in the carving. Her heart type had his name, and his same carving had her name “Cloud”,

He was worn in his hand every day, and he never took it off. In the time of floating outside in each city, he often habitually stroked the ring on his fingers, and he could feel her existence and feel that concern. With sweetness, with the passage of time, the rings of the silver light flickering are a bit dull, no longer have a hearty luster, and there are also some scratches on the ring, just like the relationship between them also starts to have traces. Two A very self -self, always hoping that he (she) can be the person she has been looking for, and hopes to become the ideal other half according to her own standards. Trying to adapt to her approach. In the end, the contradictions continued, and they scarred each other. I wonder if the way of love is wrong? Or is it wrong with each other?


One day, he got to touch his fingers habitually, and was surprised to find that only the faint traces on the fingers were on the fingers. I do n’t know when the ring was left, and it was so silent that it was so indifferent!

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