Why don’t you buy a toy baby you buy? Buy the list at different menstrual age, puzzle and brain development


The baby’s life is inseparable from the toy, and the toy plays a very important role in the entire growth process of the child. Enlightenment textbook.

As a parent, do you remember what to buy for your baby for the first time? Guan Mom remembers that when my baby was born, I bought a set of hand, and the name was “Gift for the baby”. Men’s circuit is sometimes surprising. I didn’t look angry at him: Which newborn baby is played? You bought it for yourself!

In other words, I often see a mother in the community of maternal and infants ask: What toys are suitable for babies for several months? What good toy recommendations, etc. In fact, mothers’ problems are particularly good. Different menstrual age should prepare different toys. Only in this way

Caters to the preferences of children at different stages, and more accurately guide their ability to improve and develop various capabilities


Some parents report that after buying a lot of toys, the baby does not like it, and does not want to play, so it is idle soon. But the baby really doesn’t like it, or is the toy we bought? The answer is self -explanatory.

Then take a look at the two years old, the baby under the age of two is at different stages, what kind of toys are suitable for playing.

Parents should choose different types of toys in combination with the development characteristics of the baby, and give the correct guidance as needed


★ 0-3 months Baby, mainly toys that are clear, can be loud

【Development Features】

In the first 3 months, the newborn baby can be summarized in a proverb:

Just look up and look up


Essence It is said that the baby is sensitive to the sound within 1 month and is interested in all kinds of voices; 2 months of visual sensitivity, can see the objects with close distance, can distinguish the bright colors; in 3 months Development, with the attraction of toys, complete the movement and turn around.

Prepare these toys for the baby:

1. Obvious patterns with color contrast, such as black and white map cards, color cards, picture books, family albums, etc.

2. Plug the wave drum, this is an indispensable toy for every newborn baby. The baby likes to hold it in his hand, and the sound of shaking will surprise him.

3. Toys with sound and light, such as bed bell, can make the baby see different colors, hear various music, you can also reach out and grasp, which is greatly beneficial to the baby’s growth.


4. Various colors with brightly grip toys, such as grabbing balls, sand hammers, etc., which can let the baby hold it in your hand, or the parents can move back and forth to let the baby practice and follow up. develop.

★ 4-7 months baby, help your baby practice action and self-perceived toys

At this time, the baby can not only recognize the mother, but also know other family members, as well as those who often contact, and initially establish a “interpersonal relationship”. For example, he showed dependence on his parents, so it is important to accompany the baby at this time. Parents often communicate with their babies with “mother cavity” to tell him stories and sing children’s songs. The child will particularly like your voice.

1. Music toys, swinging drums, sand hammers and bed bells are already “pediatrics” for babies. Parents can also try to prepare some sound toys such as hand drums, bells, sounds, and footsteps.

2. Bright color pictures, cardboard books, cloth books, etc. At this stage, the baby’s vision has slowly developed, so it can be richer on the basis of the 0-3 months of the graphic card.

3. The mirror that does not break. Pseuding the mirror is an important moment when the baby experiences himself. He can know himself through the mirror, observe himself, and even form a personality development.

4. Soft toys, such as soft small balls, puppets that can make sound, cartoon plush toys, etc. Psychologists believe that soft and warm touch can promote the development of children’s emotional health.

★ 8-12 months Baby, toys that are puzzled and brain

The baby is getting better and better, crawling, standing, and even walking. They are keen to explore around, curious about everything, and have learned some simple words. At this stage, the baby’s toys are mainly to train their hand -eye coordination ability, fine movements, and improving thinking ability and memory.

1. Block toys, because the size and shape of the building blocks are different, and it can be stacked layer by layer. This is a big challenge for the baby. The opponent’s eye coordination capacity is relatively high.


2. Toys to help your baby learn to walk, such as learning to walk a small cart. Let your baby push forward, and learn to walk around while learning.

3. Bathing toys that can float and spray water. With the company of these toys, the baby will like to take a bath more, and to wash while washing. The baby is smarter.

4. The baby’s music toy continues to rise by a level. It can be a player of some small buttons, such as a rabbit, toy, mobile phone, toy tablet, etc. who can tell stories.

★ Babies from 12-24 months, toys that improve social and creative abilities

At this stage, the baby will erupt a strong curiosity, and parents should provide conditions as much as possible for the baby to explore. They like to repeatedly play the same objects, try various exploration behaviors, and have a certain ability to think. The baby’s independence consciousness awakens and has the desire to socialize. Parents can choose toys that can improve their social ability and creative ability.

1. In terms of book cards, you can rise to the storybook and cardboard book with illustrations. Parents guide their babies to read and explain the storyline as they explain to him. They can also encourage the baby to tell them according to their own understanding.

2. The building blocks continue to let the baby play. The shape and quantity are more abundant than the original. Encourage the baby to try to build more shapes, not just “stack high”.

3. Toys played, such as kitchen suits, doctor suits, doll replacement, family props, etc. You can make your baby give full play to their imagination, experience and understand different social roles.

4. Toys with gender characteristics, such as cars, robots, Ultraman, etc.; Female babies like Barbie dolls, cosmetic boxes, etc.; Satisfying their preferences, and also allows babies to recognize their gender.

At the end

There are many, many toys provided to suitable babies on the market, and more, more interesting and more creative toys than the list above. Moreover, the baby’s toys are not limited to buying, and many living items around them can become toys, such as remote control, pumping paper, pots, pans, and even trash cans.



Here, Guan Mom should say more. For babies within the age of two, parents are their best “toys”. Compared to playing with a variety of toys, what they need more is the company of parents.

The mother of the Guan family. Holding a health manager, family education instructor, and a mother of the two treasures, welcome to follow and learn from me, master the methods of scientific nurturing, and strive to become a better parent.




【Development Features】

【Development Features】

【Development Features】

Prepare these toys for the baby:

Prepare these toys for the baby:

Prepare these toys for the baby: