Do you really know how to drink coconut milk coffee?

There may be many people who have heard of coconut coffee coffee, but how to drink it, but not necessarily everyone knows that authentic coconut coffee is a selected Hainan high -quality coffee beans and fresh coconut as raw materials. The auxiliary is refined by the plant lipids and high -quality white sugar through scientific methods. Coconut coffee coffee is fragrant with coffee aroma, delicious flavor, delicate and smooth taste, strong and pleasant. Coconut milk coffee has both coconut scent and scent of coffee, and does not have the bitterness of traditional coffee. So it is loved by young people. Since everyone likes it so much, today I will share with you the drinking method of coconut coffee. Drink it correctly to drink taste!

For example, the way to eat directly, if it is a bag, one cup per bag, add about 200 ml of hot boiling water. Turn it to drink. Another is coconut milk coffee stick. Tea sticks and coffee sticks are very popular now. Because it is convenient and applicable, the key is to maintain the original taste of coffee.

The editor also introduces you. Usually divided into 7 steps. For the specific content, please take out your notes!

1. Take out two packs of coconut milk coffee, add 200 ml of water, and stir well for coffee liquid;


2. After softening without salt butter, add fine sugar;

3. Stir with an egg beater to make uniform cream paste;


4. Sieve into powder, stir slightly with a rubber scraper;

5. Put in white sesame and coconut shreds;

6. Pour into the coffee liquid, pinch the dough with your hands, put the dough on the plastic wrap, roll it into a 1 cm thick piece, and put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour;

7. Cut the biscuits after frozen, cut into strips, preheat the oven at 165 degrees, put it in the middle layer, bake for about 25 minutes, and use the remaining temperature to simmer for 10 minutes. Greater merit!