It is said that this is the most complete sunscreen assessment in history

Last time, I published a selection of science popularization of sunscreen, and many cuteness wanted to see the comparison of major net red sunscreens! Dangdang, the 6 -model was tested in person, all sorted according to personal feelings and favorability, for reference only!


1⃣ Uniqlo Airism series (last year’s Internet celebrity explosion)


Sunscreen: UPF40+, can cover 90%of ultraviolet rays. (This index is not high)

Breath: The breathability of cotton mesh is not said, the skin feels very good, it will not sweat, and the heat dissipation is fast.

Price: around 150

搭 There are many colors, and the versatile is not picky. The cuff design can be covered with the back of the hand. The fabric is very comfortable.

,*It is not easy to store. Many skin clothes can be collected with a small collection bag. After all, girls’ summer bags are generally smaller. *The fabric is easy to hook, and it is easy to get hair, which will make the clothes look bad.

2⃣ Boxi and Ice Sensory Sunscreen Clothes

Sunscreen: UPF50+, the ultraviolet cover rate is above 98%. It is said that it can ensure that water washing does not affect the sun protection index 80 times (in general, the number of washing times is more, and the functionality will decrease)

Breath: The fabric of polyester fibers is not as breathability as Uniqlo, but it uses cold body fabrics, which is cold, so there will be no sweltering sensation

Price: 249 yuan

品 is a professional outdoor brand. With the package, a UV test card can be given to the sun, which can measure the sun protection effect under the sun. Although the fabric is thin and thin, it is very scratching and is not easy to hook. (Skill, Bo Xi and this brand have a high popularity recently, and the sales have always been good)


到 The sleeve can not cover the hand, and there are only three colors

3⃣UV100 long sunscreen jacket


Sunscreen: UPF50+

Breathability: general

Price: 269 yuan

Long style can cover the legs, and the cuffs can cover the back. The hat has a hole, and the ponytail can be taken out (ugly and strange)

难 The color is hard to say, and the girl with a small girl cannot control the big long model. And this length is okay, and there are hidden safety hazards in cycling.

4⃣ Decathlon sunscreen jacket


Sunscreen: UPF40+

Breath: Poor, the fabric is like a plastic bag, which is prone to sweating

Price: 99 yuan

多 多 ♥ ♥, there are many offline stores, which is convenient for trying on. This price is also the effect.

装 Rough workmanship, simple packaging


5⃣vvc sunscreen jacket

Sunscreen: UPF50+, is said to be optical fabric sunscreen

Breathability: Yes

Price: 232 yuan

I have the same sense of coldness as Bo Xi, and there are many colors

❌ ❌ 码! Fatty Star people can’t bear this, everyone is different and weighs different, dear, I don’t think it looks like a good brand

6⃣Coolibar thin sunscreen cloth

Sunscreen: UPF50+, the index is excellent

Breathery: 100%polyester fiber fabric, general breathability (no spandex in the fabric, no elasticity)

Price: 558 yuan

The cold and light wind is more grasped, and it is lighter to storage.