Top Ten Youth Men’s down jacket brand rankings

Be an analogy


“Do not metaphorize” is to provide “healthy, fashionable, leisure, and vitality” for modern youths for self -confidence, lively, and hard work to show the urban emerging teenager’s life. The choice and design of product fabrics, colors, and styles are in line with the psychological characteristics of modern adolescents, and realize the concept of popularity and practical echoes, fashion and health coexistence, youth clothing brands.


Open SESAME Sesame Open Gate -Fashion British Junior Fashion, from the end of the last century, was founded in France and registered in France and registered. With the perfect combination of exquisite and fashionable leisure of Haipai, we focus on the quality of life of students, urban elite or middle-class descendants, who are pursuing dreams and pursuing fashion tastes. Focusing on the vigorous creativity and knowledge inheritance of the youth, we will create a new concept of the clothing brand of adolescent clothing.



Offside offside juvenile clothes lock the target consumers at the age of 7-15, the first clothing brand to accurately customize the age characteristics, physical characteristics, and version characteristics of the Chinese juvenile group. The brand born for children and children is the best partner for children to grow up! “Offside” originated from football nouns, which means “not restricted to the original rules and courage to cross the pace of transcendence.”

Seven waves

The product style of Qibohui is dominated by fashion and leisure. In terms of product functions, focusing on the physical characteristics and psychological characteristics of the different growth stages of the youth consumer group, combined with the lively and active characteristics and aesthetic taste of the youth, the exclusive customized personalized personalization Products, and pay attention to and emphasize the health care of young people’s growth. The source of brand value comes from the persistent focus on the cause of the young people, which constructs the professional quality of the seven waves of young people’s exclusive products, and brings to young consumers. The real group exclusive experience in the true sense.



The “COCTREE Tree Tree” brand was founded in 2002. It is a sub-brand of the top 100 clothing companies in the country, a subsidiary of Byrid Group. It is the first domestic brand to locate juvenile clothing and the founder in the field of juvenile clothing. “COCTREE Tree Tree” is a young casual clothing brand of virtual production and franchise models. It specializes in the production, sales and services of juvenile casual clothing, and has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification.


Brand characteristics: street leisure elements, sports hip hop, retro rock spirit


Jeep was founded in 1941. With his innate characteristics, he has become a legendary symbol. Jeep represents a dream, a dream that is rushing into the world, and his dreams. Based on this dream. Jeep focuses on the strong physique of the young man, the strong will, and the meaning of environmental protection, and walks in the magnificent nature with the posture of the protagonist in the future.


As the name suggests, it is the front line of the trend, the benchmark of the trend, and the trendy creative incubation base. The creative design is the Star or the future of the future. The brand originated from Hong Kong, China, and the brand characteristics enabled the post -90s personality creative spirit.

Wei Louis

The origin of the Louis brand of VIV & Lul can be traced back to Lyon, a large city in the southeast of the Rona River on the end of the 19th century. It is an ancient city with a long history and a well -known political and cultural center in Europe. In 1967, VIV & Lul Wei Louis officially became synonymous with French children’s clothing. The wealthy family, the Giant Merchant Dajia urged the VIV & Lul Wei Louis brand from a customized girl’s clothing to a professional children’s clothing. Viv & Lul Wei Louis products have been rigorously interpreted the century -old classic and hereditary elegance.


Hiwi Vladivostle Children’s Fashion Brand was founded in Paris, France, French Capital in 1968. It has a pure French descent. Facing urban fashion children aged 6-16, it forms a clear misalignment competition with the current noble, leisure, sports, campus, and anime style. Compared with leisure and campus children’s clothing, they have a sense of international design and series.