After wearing that piece of dew bikini, I took off the order

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Because of his conservative personality, he doesn’t want to show meat.

I never wear bikinis.

Until the school set up a new swimming public class, boys participated in less than 90%.

As a single dog, I still insist on not wearing bikinis.

Until I knew that Wang Shuai also participated in the swimming class, and actually divided me in the same class …

I insisted on eating for a month and bought a 1000 yuan bikini.

The first time I put on this brand -name bikini, I felt that my life suddenly shone.

I usually dress tightly and never show the real 36-24-36 figure.

Now that I have eaten a month of vegetarian, my waist is thinner and my legs are longer!

I believe that if the boys stand by the swimming pool, there will be a lot of nasal drops.

But Wang Shuai didn’t look at me.

He is so focused, as always.

When I first saw Dashuai Wang, he was sending a leaflet.

For this kind of cheating, many students put them in the trash, throw it to the tree hole, and take the remaining half to get back the dormitory for draft paper, and then send it on the roadside for a few minutes.

But Wang Shuai is particularly serious.

The leaflet on his hand was five times that of others, sweating and flushing.

Everyone who passed by coldly refused his smiley face, but he was still dedicated and polite, focusing on the handle of the handle, and there was no emotion at all.

This scene deeply moved me.

Because he laughed into a cute single eyelid and small eyes, which fully fits the image of the heroine in the 108 Korean dramas I watched.

I unilaterally announced that he was my husband.

But how to know her husband has become a problem of hurting your brain.

Previously, the passers -by passed the intersection of Wang Dashuai sent the leaflet again and again, and the leaflet collected back was as thick as a book. It’s really embarrassed to pretend to be passers -by.

Sometimes, I had to look at him quietly at the small sales department next to the intersection.

Because it was too fascinating, there was a ride -ride bicycle across the side. I accidentally fell to the ground and the knee was bleeding immediately.

Fortunately, the boss of the small sales department is a good person.

Before I came back, he handed me a bottle of thousands of flowers oil and hemostatic stickers.

He also told him while handing it up, and quickly stop bleeding.

I didn’t take the Wanhua oil at my head, and I still looked at Wang Da Shuai not far away.

The pain in the knee is a side dish of idiots.

The teacher in the swimming class explained the action casually, and let us go into the water to practice.

I deliberately followed the rhythm of Wang Da Shuai, although I actually did not travel. Relying on the people in the shallow water area, I stood for a few times.

Unexpectedly, Wang Shuai suddenly followed a few boys to the deep water area. His dark skin has gradually faded out of my vision.

It’s incredible! I have to keep up quickly!

So while the teacher didn’t pay much attention, I wanted to cross the deep water area.

Suddenly, I was angry and penetrated my nervous quality:

You don’t want to die! If you can’t swim, you can run to Shenshui District? Intersection

I wipe it! Who is so nosy, can I touch the ground if I still kneel? Isn’t the teacher also bowed his head to guide the students? Who are you? Intersection

As soon as I looked up, I found that the person who was angry in front of me was a bit familiar.

Rolled hair, with a beard, a pair of deep eyes, black and white.

So I started the search mode of my mind, and returned: to find out.

The teacher heard his anger, rushed over, and pulled me back.

I glanced at the man, and then looked at Wang Da Shuai in Shenshui District.

The next day, I received an unfamiliar express delivery that did not write the name of the person.

There is a professional swimsuit with many cloth inside with a note on it:

Wearing this is exercise, don’t wear bikinis.

If it wasn’t for my dad, I would definitely think that my dad turned into a gust of gusts and stared at me on the campus.

Who is this? It’s too wide!

However, this guy must be the wrong person. I am a professional who reads the Department of Logistics Management. You need to know how a package comes to me, just check it!

So, I entered the investigation mode for two consecutive days, and made the call from the courier company, and finally discovered it -the sending people of this package turned out to be:

king! Big! handsome!

Oh! Intersection Intersection My investigation mode has not been withdrawn, and I immediately enter the dizziness mode.

The most happy thing in this world is the person I like, just like me.

I put on this sporty swimsuit, ah, ah, the day of not exposing flesh is really comfortable!

In the swimming class that I was about to start, I had to sign a signal with him!

Let him know that I had to control me well, and I just wanted to be controlled by him.

Flutter, flutter, flutter.

This is not the sound of falling water, this is my strong heartbeat.

Wearing the swimsuit sent to me by Wang Shuai, I followed the teacher to make warm -up movements.

But Wang Shuai still didn’t look at me.

I only felt the strong signal I sent, and I swimd myself in the air lonely and lonely.

Is the receiving tower of the other party broken? I really wanted to knock on the forehead of Wang Shuai.

After class, I rushed to Wang Shuai’s in front of Wang Shuai and threw him the swimsuit: Are you sent it to me?

Wang Dai Shuai looked at me very surprisingly and wrote: inexplicable, incredible, groundless, this person is boring …

The signal tower of my Zizi suddenly felt a strange feeling. I think this signal may be wrong.

Because, Wang Shuai is still the honest and clean Wang Shuai, he can’t send me Dongxi at all, and then he can pretend to be so innocent and surprised.

Sorry … I murmured, pick up the swimsuit and run away.

While running, I cried, and my dizziness mode was not completed, so I entered the sad mode.

I ran to the small sales department, picked up 5 cans of beer in the refrigerator, dropped 20 yuan, turned around and ran.

I want to get drunk!

Beer had not started drinking yet, and suddenly a big hand next to him held down my hand to pull the jar.

Is there a robbery for beer? Is it when you bully me when you are lonely? Intersection

I was angry and depressed again. I also learned two tricks of Taekwondo and turned to him with one elbow!

The black figure was stunned, sitting down on the ground.

A pair of deep eyes looked at me, black and white clearly.

Isn’t this person just drinking the guy in the deep water area by the pool that day?

I asked him, who are you, why grab my beer and give me honesty!

The corner of his mouth smiled softly, Li Xiaojing, don’t you remember me? A year ago, you almost happened when you were swimming, and I saved you.

A year ago, one year ago … I was conscious and sank into memory.

The struggling in the water, the scaredness that was about to be unhappy, the tumbling water, the powerful big hand that suddenly hugged me, the gentle and generous arm dragging me ashore …

Yes, a year ago I accidentally fell into the deep water area in the swimming pool. The moment I struggled for help, I did save me.

Is it you?

Yes, it’s me. My name is Ayu, a part -time life -saving person in the swimming pool, two session older than you.

I read your student ID, you are Li Xiaojing, the logistics department. You squat at this small sale every day to see a boy. Your Wanhua oil is also what I let the boss give you.

Wanhua oil … I suddenly remembered, so saying that swimsuit is also your prank?

A Yu stood up, grabbed the pocket of beer in my hand with one hand, and a dad’s tone said: It is not a prank, but a concern for you! Don’t drink it, girl’s house!

In this way, this brother -in -law named A Yu entered my life strongly.

His deep eyes seemed to be able to monitor the life in every corner of my corner. He seemed to be a professor in “You from the Stars” and became my protective god anytime, anywhere.

He will not appear easily.

But whenever I couldn’t make meals, forgot to hot water, and when I couldn’t take a big bag, he appeared silently and handed me a box of lunch and a pot of hot water to grab my heavy bags.

Yes, three months later, I thought that I was not married and did not marry, and became his girlfriend.

Hayao Miyazaki said that the reason why fate is strong is that it always stands at the end, quietly watching us amazing all the way.

Sometimes, we are destined to fight hard, and the result is just an episode leading to the end.

And we thought it was the most frustrated moment, and love may come quietly.

The real life is destined, and it may be around at all times.

He is the eyes arranged by God, looking at us deeply, black and white.

(Wei Xiaowei, writing ground, interesting, and rational text. Love to insert a scripture, will laugh and scold, occasionally saying eight, but the content is really expected! The public name “Vitamin”)