Which one is more like Japanese and South Korea?

If the Asian male is divided into different styles, then the three styles in Korea and Hong Kong are currently welcomed by the girl. Compared to the robust European and American men, the three-style men in Japan and Hong Kong are more in line with the aesthetic standards of Asians.

However, in the eyes of the sister, what is more favored by Japanese and Korean?

First, Japanese literary men


Japanese-style men are more biased towards fresh literary winds, and they prefer to wear color fresh T-shirts or simple luggage shirts. Let’s talk about T-shirts. Japanese style men like T-shirts are very simple, generally in the elegant solid color series, wearing sunlight, very healthy.

When I saw this T-shirt, I feel that Xiaoqing’s new breath came, and the shape of the T-shirt is simple, the style is relaxed, the sleeve treatment is added to the characteristic contrast brand streamers, which seems to be personal and low-key. The fabric of the T-shirt is very soft and flat, which is a popular style in the Japanese.

In addition to the T-shirt, the shirt is also a Japanese-style male than the clothes, especially the plaid shirt, which looks very fresh and even reveals a literary style. In general, they will match the white T-shirt to create a feeling of anime.


Second, Korean personality

Men who take the Korean route will often wear T-shirts and shirts, but they pay more attention to the personality of clothes than the Japanese style. Even if there is a normal T-shirt, in the pattern, it is even designed to be eye-catching, and it is good to create a very tidal feel. They also pursue on color. In general, the more color is more and more personality.

This round neck T-shirt in blue, yellow, red, white and other color is a style of Korean personality. The man is breastfeeding, the fabric is light and breathable, and the upper body is casual and personality, and there is a combination of letters and colors. Very burning!


It is very powerful than the T-shirt and shirt, the Korean tide man’s control for sweaters is very powerful.


Third, Hong Kong-style Ya Men

Hong Kong men’s style is more complicated, but the main direction of the trend is the Ya Hao, who is represented by Yu Wenle and others. More wild in the Hong Kong men in Hong Kong. Compared with the Korean personality, Hong Kong men’s style is slightly restrained, so Hong Kong wind is getting more and more popular.

The port men’s shirts are particularly attractive. Unlike the Japanese Xiaoxin, they put on the shirt will give people a very stable urban casual feeling, and I am not lost.


The gray blue Oxford spinning shirt is very textive, simple atmosphere, and the temperament of Hong Kong men very matched. The tailor of the shirt is very simple, the jugging design seems to have three-dimensional, blue and white match, add a lot of content to the visual.

The tooling style is one of the representative stations of the Hong Kong men, especially in leisure. One to the summer, the street is the figure of the tooling shorts.


Classic style tooling shorts, wearing very wild, visible at the streets of Hong Kong. The design of the trousers is very stereoscopic, and the side of the large pocket design highlights the level of layers, and there is a beautiful geometric pattern to create a hard style of Hong Kong men.

No matter which style of the sisters like, in short, Japan and South Korea style style is very tidal. Depending on your own body and skin color and temperament, even attended the occasion, let your fashion choice more flexible. It is a good way.