This year’s hot “dad pants”, I am willing to wear it for 7 days a week

In the past two days, the weather in Guangzhou is hard to say, and the rain clothes are not dry, and they are sultry when they go out in the morning … but no matter what the weather, everyone remembers

Plasizable+sunscreen, otherwise the skin will accelerate the aging

of! Intersection Intersection

Now that Guangdong is hotter every day, in order to take a little sweat, short skirts and shorts are naturally indispensable. I shared a lot of skirts with you some time ago. Today I will talk about it this year.

“DADI Pants”


Fine, it’s actually

“Dad’s Pants” -bagmoma shorts.

It grows to 2 ~ 3cm above the knee, and the pants are relatively loose. Just like the big pants wearing a father at home, it is named “Dad’s Pants”. With the retro style, in recent years, the “dad’s pants” has been on fire again.

Although this kind of pants look a bit neutral; but its advantages really make me difficult to resist: it is cooler than wide -leg pants, jeans, and is better to wear than picking people’s shorts;

The trousers are just right. It can completely modify the width and thick thighs. Don’t worry about glowing;

It’s right to wear in summer.

The most important thing is that wearing it outdoors is not boring at all, and it is more convenient to move than trousers;

Fashionable and versatile, there is no match in my wardrobe;

I am willing to wear it for 7 days a week!

Let me share with you

The matching and style of DADI pants will be addicted when you pass through!

Then … Keep watching.

In the hot summer, you have to mention the salt system -like ice bubble water refreshing visual sense; and T -shirt+father pants can easily create this Japanese -style BoyLish style.

Generally, I was temporarily asked to go out for dinner, I am all

Grasp an oversize T -shirt with father pants

, Step on a pair of simple middle socks with sneakers, you can leave!

Oversize T -shirt

Replace it with a short body T

It is also good. The black and white match makes the whole person look clean and refreshing, and the black edge of the collar is more retro. With narrow dad pants, the exquisite literary girl looks.

S code short top from fire to this year,

Slightly exposed waist style

It is even more embarrassing, paired with very neutral dad pants, it is completely summer

Exclusive sweet and cool wind


If you think the solid color is too boring, it is okay

Start in color matching.

The simplest technique is

The shades of the same color system are simple and enough to catch people’s attention

; Blue, beige, etc. can be matched like this-

As well

Through the dull color of bright colors, pull back some summer sense.

Like the orange Tee below, the checkered pants that appear just like autumn and winter seasons will not be too dazzling visually, nor will it feel dull because of pants —

Remember when wearing color T

Note that the color echoes up and down

For example, with a pair of the same color

Half socks, stacking silk scarves and accessories

Wait, it can also make the simple combination simple.

Many people should not think of this match, right? Can the sweet bubble sleeves and ruffles be combined with dad’s pants? Don’t say it,

The effect is very good!

The court style design of the top adds a sense of elegance and retro to the whole.

With various hardware accessories, it looks expensive!

Dad’s pants are simple and refreshing, even if the upper body is

Long sleeve

I do n’t feel thick; the sisters who want to grab the two hands in summer, so that we wear it very much.

White bubble sleeve sweater+tannin dad pants+bright red bag,

Three kinds of intense colors collision

It is enough to make people shine.

Sisters who take lightly cooked winds can refer to the Dakou Zhimi Meimei. V -neck waves and jerseys with the same color dad pants,

Finally, use a touch of red lips to light up the whole body color, intellectual and atmospheric.

Thousands of cabbage previously recommended a suspender to everyone. In addition to its cheap price and friendly crowd, in fact, I also smelled this summer, and there will definitely be a place in the suspender. Tibetan …

So today I won’t let everyone bump too much, I recommend everyone to start

U collar wide shoulder strap vest.

The shoulder strap is wide, right

shoulder width


Slightly fat

Girls are nice. Moreover, it is also very close to the denim dad’s pants. It is vitality and comfortable.

in addition,

You can also pay attention

This type of style is generally thin knitted, and the upper body will not be very hot; and it is also very versatile. Flower skirts, short skirts, wide -leg pants, etc. are all OK. With the same color daddy pants and weaving sandals, it has a Mediterranean style, sweeping away.

In addition, in recent years, it has been very hot

French knitting strap

It is also recommended that orange -red is full of summer breath; with light -colored canvas bags, it is suitable for going out on weekends or afterwards.

The sunlight at noon is too hot, sisters can also take one outside

Thin shirt

, Open wear not only has a sense of hierarchy, but also sunscreen.

It’s okay to work at work.

Choose a shirt with the same length of the pants to create a lower body disappearance, and the sense of fashion is better ~

The above combinations are more suitable for going out or vacation on weekends. If you are commuting, shirts are definitely the best choice; demonstrations on the show have already been demonstrated ——

The most classic one is

White shirt

With an elegant temperament, it makes people ignore the casual sense of shorts; with a leather bag, it will not look too casual as a summer commute.

I also recommend color shirts. I like this set of BABY Blue+Mi Bai. I like my personal person. It is not dull and very tender.

Tie a retro belt to improve the waistline and also have a special aura.

Oversize cotton and linen shirt is more casual

, Open a few buttons on the neckline, and pour the corner of the clothes into the pants, simple and refreshing and fashionable.

If you want to be gentle and intellectual, choose a low -saturated pink shirt, neutralize the whole set of neutrality.

There are too many shirt styles worthy of people: solid color, stripes, printing, straps …

Let me wear it for a week and not get tired! Striped shirts into jeans are


Instant, but if it is

With duck tongue cap, dad’s pants, the overall neutral wind

, Salt is full of sense of juvenile, one single product and many styles.

Recently, I am quite obsessed with shorts. Since I started my dad’s pants, I feel different with the old clothes in the wardrobe. I also recommend everyone to try it!