Not only Kara gum, what are the flavoring agents in daily diet?

Not only Kara gum, what are the flavoring agents in daily diet?

Hello everyone, I am an exotic gourmet. How many people still remember laundry powder, chemical grain poison rice, Sudan red, lean meat essence, iron soy sauce, hair soy sauce. Industrial illegal abuse of food additives and hydrogenated food safety issues frequently produced in recent years. During the epidemic, the popularity of such topics seemed to have disappeared, but recently, Zhong Xuegao’s Kara rubber problem has fired the topic of food safety to the peak. No one wants to have video security problems on the dining table, so how do we distinguish various additives in daily life. Let me take a look at the relevant knowledge.

Flavor agent refers to improving the sensory nature of food, making food more delicious and promoting

Digestive solution

Secretion and enhancement of appetite

Food additive

Essence Adding a certain seasonings to food can not only improve the sensitivity of food, make food more delicious, but also some seasonings have certain nutritional value. There are many types of condiments, mainly including salty flavors (mainly salt), and

Sweet agent

(Mainly sugar, sugar essence, etc.),


As well as


And splashing agent and so on.


The salty taste agent is mainly sodium chloride (salt). It has an important role in regulating the acid -base balance of the body and the balance of the cells and blood intervals, stimulating saliva secretion, participating in gastric acid formation, and promoting digestive enzyme activity.

Sweeteners refers to food or feed food additives that give food or feed with sweet taste. There are many sweeteners used in the world. There are several different classification methods: according to its source, it can be divided into natural sweeteners and artificial synthetic sweeteners; Taste; according to its chemical structure and nature, it is divided into sugar and non -sugar sweeteners.

Glycol alcohol sweetener

Most of the artificial synthesis, whose sweetness is similar to sucrose. Because of its low thermal value, or because it has a different metabolic process from glucose, it can still have some special uses. Non -sugar sweeteners have high sweetness, small amount, small heat value, and do not participate in the metabolic process. It is often referred to as non -nutritious or low -thermal sweeteners, called high sweetener sweetener, which is an important variety of sweeteners.

It mainly refers to the enhanced food flavor, such as MSG (sodium glutamate) is the most widely used prejusticidant. There are two types of monosodium glutamate sold in the market: one is crystalline, containing 100%sodium glutamate salt, and the other is powdery, containing 80%sodium glutamate salt. Practice has proved that if sodium glutamate is mixed with 5: 1 to 20: 1 ratio, the umami flavor of sodium glutamate can increase 6 times. MSG has special umami flavor, but long -term heating at high temperature (exceeding 120 ° C) will decompose and generate toxic

Sodium (sodium glutamate

, So in cooking, it is not advisable to heat for a long time. In addition, MSG is not a nutritional product. It is only used as a flavoring agent and cannot be used as a supplement.

It is a chemical additive with the main purpose of giving food sour. The sour taste is refreshing stimulation, which can enhance appetite. In addition, acid also has a certain anti -corrosion effect, and it also helps digestion and absorption of nutrition such as calcium and phosphorus. The main acidic agents are citric acid, tartaric acid, apple acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, etc. Among them, citric acid is the most mildly and delicious in all organic acids. It is widely used in various soda, beverages, juice, canned fruit, canned vegetables.

Let’s briefly talk about this hot topic this time

Carrageenan is a kind of hydrophilic colloid, also known as Kirin vegetable gum, stone cauliflower gum, antlers vegetable gum, horn forks, because Kara gum is from red algae seagrass such as unicorn, stone cauliflower, antlers, and other red algae seaweed The hydrophilic collagen refined in it, its chemical structure is caused


And the calcium, potassium, sodium,

Ammonium salt

Essence Due to the different forms of sulfate, it can be divided into K (KAPPA), IoTA, and LAMBDA. Widely used for manufacturing


ice cream


, Fudan,


, Meat products,

Eight treasure porridge


, Soda food, cold food, etc.

Please tell me if you can accept all kinds of additives? Or do you like the original flavor of food?

Sweet agent


As well as

As well as

As well as


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