Last wave of summer dresses! It’s super beautiful

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Some friends say that some of the most recommended items I have recently recommended are not daily. No, the daily life is here ~

Today’s content is mainly

Suitable for commuting “Sister Wind” dress

Collection, does not expose legs, comfortable, and most of them can be bought! I will briefly talk about how to put these dresses from summer in summer ~

1. Vest/sleeveless skirt

Start with the most suitable vest skirt that is most suitable for hot summer! The least pick is a black vest skirt. With a calm and elegant temperament, you don’t have to study what to wear because he is afraid of getting rid of it.

It is perfect to tie a retro print silk scarf to show the next personality.

Of course, there are many vest skirts, such as a T -shirt inward, or the most popular vest × vest this year.

Sakura girl likes to wear or tie a thin knit on the outside of the vest skirt, which can be switched at any time in the outdoor and air -conditioned room. In the early autumn, the contrasting color knitted cardigan on the outside is also very fashionable.

In addition to thin knitting, it is also suitable for the early autumn of the weather as a coat. The wear of shirt skirts × vest skirt will be more daily, but pay attention to a little bit of waistline.

Pick the vest skirt suitable for commuting, choose the A -shaped model or the waist design is the least easy to make errors.

Let’s recommend a few black vest skirts first! The work folds are the most elegant, and there are exquisite embroidery on the wave skirt.

V understands the more adult feelings. In fact, you can wear both sides.

The smooth square collar with a large U -shaped back will look thinner, especially suitable for a suit jacket, which is very French and fashionable.

Caremind has a three -dimensional jet flower with a three -dimensional bloom, and there will be no exaggerated revealing design behind it.

1313 ATTITUDE This vest skirt is two -piece. A piece of split vest skirt is particularly fashionable and layered in a white skirt in an irregular hem.

The vest vest skirt with a pleated skirt is full of literary temperament, and the light khaki color is also more gentle.

Micro -A -line version can not only hide meat but also thinner.

In addition to the vest skirt, sleeveless shirt skirt is also a good choice.

Fullfree’s feeling of small flying sleeves can just block the auxiliary milk perfectly. Who can be indifferent to the pleated details behind!

With a large skirt, it is also particularly French.

Recardo Store has a classic beauty, the pleated pleated behind the three -dimensional lines is too delicate!

If you want to choose a diligent printed skirt, I will be more elegant, and the bright and rich flowers will not consider it first.

Black and white printing is very generous, and it won’t make an error.

Irregular geometric prints are full of mature temperament.

Don’t be afraid that the colorful floral will be too girly. The neat version with monochrome floral can also take the adult route.

French essentials are a very good choice.

The design elements are a bit more capable with the design of the enclosure. The faint yellow and blue printing flowers are very gentle.

The yellow printing and white suit are even more perfect. I already think about the early autumn look.

In addition to floral, of course, I am particularly picking! Especially fine checkered, especially temperament

The fine -grained vest skirt has a retro temperament, and the rectangular digging hole behind it will not be excessively exposed.

Huang Bai’s Vishg pattern has a sweet breath, and the cross -fitting collar of the crossed is not a sense of adults.

The sleeveless dress with the shoulder design will look more straight.

Orwhite, the milky white double -layer neck and retro!

The last print is a stripe! It also has the effect of becoming a long body.

Light blue stripes are one of the classic elements of college style, and the upper body feels full of literature and art.

The faint brown green is full of natural atmosphere.

3. Pure color shirt skirt

Seeing a lot of commutes and wearing a shirt skirt, it is OK when it is cold and put on a suit jacket.

When you want more levels, you will wear a elegant pleated skirt.

If you want to be cool, you can choose pants.

However, the straight version of the shirt skirt will feel too casual. You can choose the version to be more slim and neat when choosing.

Or if you choose a drawer or waist design on the waist, you don’t need to worry about it.

MINUIT is a basic shirt skirt in front of this. Turn around to see the triangle digging on the back. It is really cute!

The V -neckline has increased mature temperament, and the upper body is the elegant sister.

It is also a V -neck, and the skirt will be more lively.

The design of the workwear will also make the overall feel more formal.

Satins is a very different texture, suitable for taking a cool route.

The great bargaining collar is a professional aura, and the high waistline can extend the proportion of the legs.

This year, it is very popular with a waist -like design, so many of the dresses have widened the waist seal.

Or add pleated to the waist to complete the waist.

The nuclear universe has a super wide waist seal effect with folds, and the black and white color is also very elegant.

French -style bubble sleeves with asymmetric design of the front film are even more eye -catching!

4. Loves dress

The lace -up dress is a loose H or A -type skirt with a belt, which is more gentle and casual than shirt skirts.

If you want to be more lively, you can pick bubble sleeves or color.

Solighter is very eye -catching! Take the first place in the photography.

The same blue is also very special, and it feels like the late summer and early autumn.

If the wide -shoulder star is a little scared to the bubble sleeves, in fact, there is no problem with the design of the shoulder bubble sleeve.

Studifun, this baby, is too tender! The cuffs fold design is particularly special.

Vitatha’s whole will be more fluffy and cute.

Light beans are like summer breeze, especially fresh and pleasant.

Vitatha, this part of the gray, put the pleated in the skirt, with a sense of romance stacking.

Leonorayang’s belt should be hanging on the two big ears hanging around the waist, tied up with a kind of fence -like feeling.

The mango yellow is full of summer atmosphere, and the point is that it is particularly white.

Double -breasted and belt is Perfect Match! Solighter is a trench coat design, which is even more chic to stitch the pleated hem.

The other one is full of work folds, and the lines of the entire skirt are so good! Walking up the skirt and swaying.

Newcc Studio This is a trench -like fabric with a strong sense of silhouette.

That’s it for today’s sharing!