Guess which official class is it? A350 sunglasses are too powerful, the waist cushion has a massage function

It has been a period of time since China Southern Airlines A359, but due to BASE restrictions, there has been no chance to experience. Taking advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, travel to Chengdu, fly first, and then fly from Hongqiao to Chengdu. This is the only Chengdu line of China Southern Airlines in Shanghai or departing from Hongqiao. China Southern Airlines also came up with the latest flagship models to fly. It is the Japanese flight CZ8243. China Southern Airlines’s flight to Hongqiao is 0, only China Eastern Airlines, so this is the first time that I have left Hongqiao from Hongqiao.

Airport traffic and duty

Living in Zhongshan Park the night before, it is very convenient to go to Hongqiao Line 2 to Hongqiao. It will arrive in 20 minutes. Sure enough, it is time to save time to fly to Hongqiao. As one of the three major hubs in China, there are many golden lines. You can see the main models of major airlines, and it is also good to shoot here ~ haha. The little brother on duty is fast, and he placed me 5K. I went to the airport to eat Shake Shack, there are still many people ~

China Southern Airlines’s two -way counter, because this is the site of China Eastern Airlines, Southern Airlines is slightly shabby!

Is this a classic three -piece set? Ha ha

Airport VIP service

Hongqiao China Southern Airlines has no fast security check channel, only two cabins are available, but there are many people in two cabins. The Southern Airlines lounge is in V26, SHA and PVG’s lounges are not divided into two cabins and gold and silver card lounges, and they are together. Because it was the Dragon Boat Festival, the lounge also did the Dragon Boat Festival event, took pictures with the younger sister, and gave a small gift. Ceremony in the morning, but I can’t eat it anymore.

China Southern Airlines Hongqiao Lounge

There are also more than 20 people on the day

The little gift from the Dragon Boat Festival, the younger sister gave me one, and also took the Xiang Xiang with me ~

The onion oil noodles of China Southern Airlines, the taste is okay, and it tastes like Pudong.

Boarding and welcome

The preliminary flight arrived on time, so it was not delayed. The plane stopped against the gallery bridge, and it was a double gallery bridge. Southern Airlines welcome drinks. EMM is apple juice, orange juice and the like. When can kapok make a special drink for Phoenix and Swallow, is it a bit new? Hey. The flight seat is 5K, the first row is against the window. After entering, the flight attendant helped to dismantle the slippers and made a simple greeting. I handed it on the flying log. It provided three kinds of rice in beef, chicken, and fish. Mine was fish. Grapefruit juice is gone, you can only order Pu’er tea.

It is 30EA daily aircraft, six months old age

Cute sunglasses


Welcome drinks, still apple juice

Landlord next door ~ haha

Cabin facilities and services

The 359 official cabin seat is anti -fish bone. Although the privacy is very good, it is a bit narrow for me. The entertainment system is acceptable, the movie update is slow. The favorite is the outside camera, which can be seen all the way. Because it is a new aircraft, the flight attendant said that it has not had time to install WiFi. This is a good way to cheer in China. The 359 -seat waist cushion has a massage function. This is good ~ But I prefer China Southern Airlines 789, and the entire back can massage.

Design of anti -fish bone seat, this color matching, emm, don’t like it.

Seat button

Small savings cabinet

Entertainment system, favorite outside camera

charging port

Instructions for safety and newspapers

Instructions for security

A bit narrow, not very comfortable

Catering and beauty on board

China Southern Airlines’ catering has always been regression, and it is really far worse than before the epidemic. Southern Airlines said that China Southern Airlines is based on the principle of being able to save the province. Nowadays, the life of the airline is not good, but the regression is a bit obvious! The claypot rice has been eaten for a long time.

Take a cup of water in the sky ~ haha

The meal is also a plate ~ the fruit is also on the together

Air scenery

Arrival and overall evaluation

Landing in Chengdu ~ Double Liuli is really convenient, Tianfu is far away, and China Southern Airlines will turn in a one -time autumn and winter. On the whole, China Southern Airlines attaches great importance to this route. The only Shanghai Chengdu Line is still Hongqiao out of the port and fly with 350. The on -board service is good, but the meal is not good and there is no WiFi, so the competitiveness is not very great. I hope that there will be something in the future. Improve it ~

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