How to choose a four -piece bed suitable for sleeping in winter? What is the difference between milk velvet, coral velvet, cotton?

The cold wave comes again, and most areas will encounter rainy weather. Once the weather is wet, the quilt feels wet and cold. Thinking of sleeping at night to climb into the quilt of the “ice cave”, the whole person is not good ~

So, how to have a warm quilt in the cold winter?

Today, Xiaowei will recommend it to everyone. There are four sets of beds that are not back to the tide and very warm.


Cotton is made of cotton, which is made through different knitting processes. Want to be wet and cold, Xiaowei recommends the following two.

1. Bamboo cotton (Tianzhu cotton)

The texture of the underwear, soft and elastic, comfortable and comfortable; suitable for young children, sensitive people with skin, respiratory tract; not cold in humid weather,

But it is not resistant to water washing, and it is easier for the ball to deform.

2. Cotton grinding hair

The four sets of wet and cold weather in winter,

It has a short layer of fluff on its surface, the skin does not feel cold, and the touch is soft; the fabric is also thicker than the previous one, it is not easy to get the ball, and it is more warmer.

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The warmth and fabric thickness of pure cotton grinding hair are higher

It is especially suitable for winter use, but there are fine grinding on the surface, which is not suitable for people with sensitive respiratory tract.

Bamboo cotton cotton has the best skin -friendly skin,

Suitable for young children, sensitive skin, respiratory tract, naked, and easy to sweat.

High number and density fabric will be softer and more comfortable,

The higher the number, the thinner the cotton yarn, the high craftsmanship, and the better quality. Choose more than 60 bedding in winter, soft and personal, high wear resistance, and it is not easy to get the ball.

The above bedding is cotton as the raw material, of which the softness, gloss, skin intonation, breathability, and elasticity of long cotton are better than ordinary cotton.

For people with high bedding, they can choose four pieces of grinding hair made by long velvet cotton.

Four sets of velvet chemical fiber

The first reaction of everyone’s noodles is the names, including coral velvet, velvet, lambskin, velvet, milk velvet, etc., which look almost the same. There are two types:

1. Milk velvet

Milk velvet is short plush, the fabric is fluffy, the fluff is dense, and the cashmere feel,

It is better to wear abrasion and resistance, which is thicker than coral velvet materials. It is currently more popular bedding material.

2. Coral velvet

Coral velvet is long plush, common winter pajamas material, soft and glutinous, skin -friendly, and better than short velvet fur.

, But coral velvet fur is relatively long, the density of fluff is relatively sparse, and it is easy to lose hair when friction.

Four pieces of the fluffy chemical fiber will be thicker than pure cotton. The quilt will not return to the tide, not cold;

However, the breathability and skin -friendly feeling are not good. Therefore, people who are easy to sweat or dry skin and are easy to dandruff.

Choose four pieces with a large total weight. The heavier the quality, the higher the volume per square meter, and the thicker and warmer.

It is recommended to buy more than 200 grams/m 200, the total weight is about 7-8 catties.

It is recommended to choose short velvet hair beds,

Although the longer the fluff, the more warm the sheets are, but the sheets are often contacted with the body. The shorter fluff is not easy to lose hair and dandruff, and it is better to clean.

Choose a bed with anti -static wire,

The velvet is easy to rub electrostatic in winter, which will adsorb dandruff and dust. Some fluffy beds will be added with anti -static wires (as shown below). It is recommended that you choose this type of four -piece set.

Q & A about four -piece set


Is it a quality problem for hair grinding bedding?

Some people buy the grinding bedding, and they will find that there is a layer of floating hair when washing, and feels a quality problem. But in fact, this is caused by the remnants of the fangs on the surface of the fabric during the production process, which is a normal phenomenon.

When washing the hair bed, the negative washing can be used to reduce the falling of friction. Generally, it will not lose hair after washing 2-3 times, but if you wash the hair many times, it is a quality problem.

The lamb velvete blanket is said to be more warm. Is it suitable to be a sheet sheet?

The appearance of lamb cashmere is like the fluff, fluff long, and good warmth effect, but it is more suitable for making blankets or coats, because the plush particles of lambs are large, the skin is directly friction, it is easy to start the ball and static electricity, which is not suitable for use of the sheets.

Flush bedding also has flanges, baby velvet, etc. How to distinguish when buying?

There are many four -piece set of fluffy, most of which are chemical fiber, that is, polyester fabrics, which are essentially no different. When buying, you can refer to the length and weight of the fluff. Generally speaking, the four -piece four -piece set with long fluff and large weight is warm.

How long does it take to change the sheets in winter?

Change the pillow case once a week, and change the sheets for about half a month. Do not exceed one month for the longest time. If you are easy to sweat, it is best to change it.

The most afraid of winter is to get into the cold and cold quilt when I sleep. Before the quilt keeps warm, the body has begun to be cold.

Therefore, Xiaowei sent charcoal to everyone today. Now I know which four -piece set is the warmest. Hurry up and share the forwarding dear family ~ Everyone has any questions about choosing four pieces, welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~

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