These only a hundred storage artifacts are super worth buying

These only a hundred storage artifacts are super worth buying

Regardless of the size of the house, the storage problems must be arranged, and various furniture and accessories must be arranged to provide us with more new ideas for indoor storage.

Let’s take a look today?


The small cart is quite strong in terms of space and the practicality of storage. It can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. in the space. In short, the solid structure and four foot wheels make it easy for you to easily move your hand cart and use it to any place you like.

In particular, the small bathroom must also use the corners of the bathroom cabinet to settle down, and place a small cart. The shampoo, conditioner, and soap are usually stored in an orderly manner. There are high edges on the four sides of the shelf, so that the items inside are fixed.

Not only is the practicality full score, it is also easy to install. There is no need to use any tools. You only need to “click” the different parts of the cart, and you can quickly and easily complete the installation.

Small black carts suitable for small spaces. Use it as an additional storage space to place all your kitchen appliances, desk accessories or gloves, keys and mobile phones.

There are different ways to use black buses, including creating a new working area in the kitchen, and placing fast foods, (such as noodles, rice, potatoes and oats) dishes, and free up the operating table space. The practical storage unit used as a living room, drinking tea, placing casual items, etc.; For restaurants, homemade home hot pot is also very convenient. It can also be placed in the bedroom to create a different bedside table. The most important thing is that the price is about 200 yuan, and the price is very high.

If more work space, more storage space, and more kitchen space, this mobile kitchen island is an ideal choice. The combination of the kitchen island platform and shelf arranges the pots and pans one by one. It is clear at a glance and is clean and hygienic.

Its independent island cabinet can move to the place you want to place at any time to add new ideas to the kitchen.

In addition to providing additional storage space, it is a practical work table. The operation countertop adopts a layered structure, which is more stable and has a certain moisture tolerance characteristics. Compared with solid wood, it is not easy to bend or crack. The operation of the table is decorated with thick oak surface, which is strong and durable. Over time, the conspicuous texture and color will become more and more beautiful. The real wooden board X shows the real wooden texture. The operation countertop is pre -processing with hard wax oil, which is convenient for usual scrubbing and maintenance.

Cabinet storage and built -in accessories

The inside of the kitchen is a good way to make full use of the kitchen space. It can store tableware, kitchenware, and even garbage storage in an orderly manner into small spaces.

Wall standing rack

If the kitchen cabinet and drawer space is limited, you can use the wall storage items. Installing rods, hooks and shelves on the wall, so that all items can be easy to take and highlight the kitchen style.

Hanging rod with shelf/wall frame

The clever wall storage device can provide you with more new ideas for storage. For example, a wall storage device with a shelf with a shelf can not only save the space of the kitchen operation countertop, but also adjust the storage space according to the needs. The wet bathroom is still practical.

storage box

How can I just start with all kinds of high -gloss cosmetics? There are good tools to cooperate to make perfect makeup. The storage box is clear and clear, the foundation brush, eye shadow brush, highlight brush … Storage one by one, clean and hygienic, don’t worry about the hidden dangers of acne!

At the same time, it is also a storage box that can be carried with you. It is very convenient and humanized to store contact lenses, jewelry or cosmetics.

Children’s toy storage

The space and toys that children need to play and toys are stored. The interesting and durable storage toys have been stored into another park for children.

This storage device, its framework adopts a solid wooden structure, with light plastic storage boxes, low storage space is convenient for children to easily pull, move and put them back to the original.

There are multiple grooves in the framework. As the child grows up, it can install storage boxes and shelves in any place, and the green utilization is strong.

Open storage device

Make full use of the narrow corner and space of the bathroom, such as installing storage objects vertically or horizontally. The open storage device is very shallow, and the space occupies is very small. It is installed above the toilet. It can make the idle wall space into a practical storage space and store toilet paper, bottle and detergent.

Migrant suction cup

Moving suction cups can be cleverly adsorbed on the wall to create a flexible bathroom storage device. You don’t need to drill on the wall or place it, so that your items can be matched and easy to get. You only need to clean the wall to ensure a stronger adsorption force.

The absorbent adsorption power is very strong and will not fall off from the smooth surface such as glass and tiles, unless you want to take them down. The only deficiency is that the suction cup can only be stuck on the flat surface such as glass, mirror and tiles.

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