Choose these 3 trousers of thick -legged girls

Liya, as a small pear, also knows how difficult it is to pick a pair of pants! Choosing the wrong version of the thunder is a minute.

So today I made a special collection of pants suitable for thick legs, so that the thick -legged girls also have spring!


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Of course I have to meet everyone’s needs! This time I moved the shop directly to save the time of everyone’s selection. If you like it, you can buy it directly.



For thick -legged girls, wearing tight pants is simply jumping in the minefield.

The width, fat, and leg flaws are all exposed. Even if the upper body is thin, it will not make up for it.


The version is too hyperactive


Contrary to tight pants, choosing too loose styles is another extreme.

Although it can cover the meat, it will make people feel that the legs are as thick as the legs!

It will cause


Decrease in visual center of gravity

The proportional disorder becomes five or five figures. Is it terrible?


Liya mentioned the modification of pear -shaped figures on wide -leg pants and straight pants, so everyone will have a certain understanding of them, and they may not be so familiar with dad’s pants.


In fact, dad’s pants are between the two, which is equally casual, but some small Haron style.

This version of the hips is relatively loose, and it gradually narrows down, showing an awl type. so

No matter what leg shape, you can try

It is also very covered with meat.

Such pants are very tolerant of the figure, as long as you pay attention to the matching, it can be very fashionable.

I prefer “



“The method of wearing, covering the fat place, revealing the thin place, the overall will not look bloated because of the style of Oversize.

The suspender is a very curved item, and many people feel that they have high requirements. In fact, the shoulder and neck lines and collarbone exposed by the suspender are too strong in terms of visual thinness.

Especially when matching the daddy pants that do not require the lower body curve, the effect of 1+1> 2 can be present. The design of the high waist of the pants can still

Blocking the waist and abdomen fat

, I have to exaggerate the intimate sentence.

And dad’s pants can not only be equipped with daddy shoes, but also the combination of short boots is also very nice.

Put your trousers into your boots, you can highlight the thinnest ankle, and you can stretch the calf ratio.



Do you also know about the AthFlow style? Now when leisure sports are popular, of course, I also want to introduce a few practical dressing to you.

As the representative of the leisure series, comfort is simply synonymous. Loose version

Modify leg lines

It is also very friendly to the fairy with thick legs.

Especially the style of the foot, ensuring that it is easy to wear, and takes into account both fashion. Because the closure part is close to the most slender ankle, it is thin so easy!

Sweatshirts are like a natural pair. If you are too lazy to tangled with



, I do n’t have the wrong age to reduce their partner!

Of course, in addition to a sweater with the same attributes, you can also try the mix and match of different attribute items.

for example”

Suit+sore trousers

“This combination, the collision of business and leisure, also weakened the seriousness of the suit, which is very eye -catching as daily wear.



When it comes to beam pants, of course, I have to mention the workpiece. The iconic big pockets are not only practical, but also can show their personality in shape.

Let “cool” no longer a special word for boys


Its fabric is more stiff than the pants, so the version is more three -dimensional and the leg shape is higher.

Whether it is street shot or airport look, its appearance rate is very high. With sneakers or Martin boots, bring a kind of coolness immediately.

Liya thinks that the workpiece itself has a small stack, so it is best

With the belt protruding the waist


It’s just a fashion darling!

In addition to the leg style that comes with itself, of course, it can also DIY.


What is more common is like the following figure, using


Strap sandals

Be careful. Not only can it achieve the effect, but also different from the design of ordinary pants, which can highlight the sense of fashion.


boot cut pant

If it is only thicker in the calf, I suggest not to cover everything with loose pants, which shows that the thin part of the thin part will be thinner.


So the flared pants with a huge temperament can be a good choice for the calf rough star!

The curve of the crotch and thighs is highlighted, and the calf fat is blocked by the gradually extended speaker lines. Who reads “really thin”?

And the flared pants with their own retro, which is perfectly engraved with the word “classic”. Fashion is a circle.

vintage will never be out of date


Some elements can be added on the basis of flared pants, such as opening strips on the front or side to turn into split pants.


Unexpectedly revealing women’s taste


Small girls can match a pair of high heels or thick sole shoes to allow the legs to extend naturally, stretch the calves vertically, but not procrastinating. The proportion of modification is really terrible.


Liya has selected three pants with good quality and fashion. These pants should not be too friendly to our pear -type figure! And the style does not rot the street, covering meat and fashionable. String the Star people, don’t hesitate