“Duck Miki” is suspected of plagiarism? Modern art is a history of plagiarism

Left: Feng Feng’s “Duck Rabbit New Year’s Day” right: Miki, Dick Brunena


Wen Gedo

When Mifei grows on the duck mouth, the duck Mi is infringing the rabbit Mifei?

The opening ceremony of the 2021 art circle was contracted by the “Duck Miki” of the suspected infringement. Feng Feng, director of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Feng Feng, was pushed into a wind tip of the tips by the public opinion by the creation of Mifei as a series of series of works as the prototype.


Blogger believes that Feng Feng’s duckmy can be seen in a glance, but the premise of art misappropriation is just to let readers identify the original. / Microblogging screen

Isn’t Mifei long duck mouth? The same composition and hue, the same character image, “Duck mouth” is the only one and the original details … Face and original Mifei like this kind of art work, netizens feel played – lie to me, this is not Is it the scrubbing of the art world? This is also known as art?

Subsequent Feng Feng made a statement in Weibo. (This article tries to contact Professor Feng, but the other party has not responded.)

Professor Feng Feng’s Weibo Reply. / Microblogging screen

Professor “transferring the law” defense does not make everyone feel good – have a duck mouth? Plagiarism also copying?

In fact, the duckmy is not a case.


“Toism” in the history of art has already been uncommon, especially after entering the 20th century, the second creation of artwork is increasingly “clear”. In 1919, Massel Duchapo added two janmens in the Mona Lisa mouth, opened the Pandora’s magic box of “ApproPriation Art”; 1960s, Andy Warhol passed the screen The printing technique replicates the photo of Marilyn Monroen; in the 1970s, the US “image generation” photographer’s replication image can be true.


Mon Na Lisa? No, this is called art misappropriation. (From left to right artists: Du Shang, Dali, Svetrana Petrova)

Today, and the original art of the original “I can’t clear you,” and the contemporary art will not return on the road “confused”, so that the public is getting more and more touch. The relationship between art misappropriation, and copyright is also unclear.

What is the art plagiarism of infringement? What is reasonable art misappropriation? Review modern art history, we will find that the love and hate between “plagiarism” and art innovation have been nearly a hundred years. However, the “art misappropriation of the ancient avant-garde” has become superficial, and the blush is shallow. Take “misappropriation”? Volkswagen is certainly not bought.

Modern art is a “plagiarism”

“Washing”, someone else’s artwork is to be pushing a shame? Modern art is absolutely not thinking so.

In 1919, Du Shang added two small beards on the famous Mona Lisa printing products, named “Mona Lisa with beard.”


Du Shang uses “readymade” to perform art processing is his consistent style. In 1917, Duchandi moved the urinal to the art gallery, signed his name, triggered an uproar. You must know that Du Shang’s artist’s artist is completely creating art works, manpower, material power, and financial resources. It may not be able to create a good work, but! Can sit up with other artworks flat.

Zhen Zi people’s urinal “spring”, kicked off for “existing art”. / Du Shang

However, Du Shang did not have a crime of plagiarism. Instead, this bad little child that has opened up modern art because of these acts, redefined the boundaries of art, and introduced the “Appropriation” and Court Imitation (Parody) concept in art creation. Let “Take theism” in art creation.

Since then, the miped spring breeze blows all the earth in the art world.

In the middle of the 20th century, pop art (POP Art) began to sprout, and artists used unlimited inspiration from daily life and pop culture. Andy Warhol makes the assistant printing portraits of Marilyn Monroe, the poster of the Coca-Cola, and a print is hundreds of thousands. It is such a uncomfortable art “replica”, but it took a million dollars.

Left: Andy Warhol’s Mary Lianshi, Right: Photographer Gene Korman Marilyn Monroe

Interestingly, in the same period, the artist Steven’s articles were also copied by Andy Warhol’s art, for this, she accurately learned Warhol’s creative technique. And Warhol is very large, even when the media asks about his creation, Warhol replied: “I don’t know. Registrate!”

Just as everyone’s direct illustrator’s misappropriation of art “too interesting”, she replied to her: I am not misappropriation, I am replication.

Irane Stendit,

Warhol Diptych


For a time, everyone sees the unlimited creativity and business opportunities of “drawing” from these misappropriation art, and they will consider the use of misappropriation skills “to create brilliant”.

By the 1970s, the New York Metropolitan Museum has started a 10-year photography exhibition “picture generation” (Picture Generation), misappropriating the technique “Changed”. This time, photographers represented by Sherrie Levine, photographed photos of other photographers and claim their work. If the past art misappropriation can also see the artist’s processing marks, this time, it is completely no trace “copy paste”.


Left: Photographer Walker Evans1936 Walker, Alabama Tenant Farmer Wife; Right: Snowy Levin 1981 Works after Walker Evans.

The “Find Different Games” between the misappropriation of works and the original is completely invalid, the boundaries between art misappropriation and plagiarism are broken again.

So problem, what is the art misappropriation? Depending on the definition, art misappropriation means that artists use existing objects or images in creation, and is small for the original changes, and even completely.

Light from the literal, it seems that there is no need to “copy” in the world, all the plagiarism has been “misappropriated”, you can get pardon.

But in fact, there is no threshold for misappropriation. The core of misappropriation is “whether new ideas and claims have been formed.”

In the case of Du Shang, he personally demonstrates classic art to create again. Through the “Tunction” Mona Lisa, Du Shang has deconsive the classical art sacred and inviolable radiopes (also known as “魅”), he dismantled, a complete artistic creation idea and culture represented behind Mona Lisa Symbol.

Everything is art. / Andy Warhol’s Coca-Cola

In the example of Andy Warhol, Warhol told everyone, daily necessities, newspaper images, and painting can also be art, and the artistic creation emphasizes “originality” “.

Snow Li Wen, also made a full exclusion for his own “stolen”. She said that she is not concerned about what the image refers to, but the image is a cultural coding phenomenon. What kind of thing is. Considering that the image itself is easy to copy, Levin wants to prove that the world of images is very easy to be manipulated.


Art critics say that when we know two models from different people and different ages, we will be different from the perspective of works from the works.

Left: Andy Warhol’s “shout” right: Monk’s “shout”

KON B & B, also pointed out: “At different times, space, context, the same work, the same style, the use of different artists, the cultural roles and functions undertaken are different, so in the art world” Plagiarism ‘This word is not very accurate. “Unlike the text, the symbolic language of the image is limited, and the public is very strong, so” theft “is difficult to avoid.

Is it sophisticated? However, it is undeniable that the misappropriation of the original art work has produced new significance and critical effects by replacement context.

Many art,


Pioneer or a thief?

“Three points disdain” and “quarterlessness” in the art, let “misappropriation” this behavior is full of provocation, irony.

Why did Andy Warhol’s “plagiarism” his Steven’s eyes closed? The reason is that Warhol knows that his work is not originally original and technical, so it is unfinished to Stevet. Moreover, Stevant’s “plagiarism” can interpret the criticism of Warhol skills – you copy Marilyn Monroe, then I will copy you, anyway, everyone is copying, no one is better than Who is great.

In this way, it seems a simple reference, and imitating that it is imposed that art seems to be profound.

Italian luxury brand Moschino is very slippery. McDonald’s bag, toilet cleaner perfume, street graffiti skirt (Vandal Eyes), Moschino puts the symbols in daily life into fashion, and sells very expensive, thus stirring the elegant fun in the luxury market, and telling Everyone: The cheap goods of the roadside can also make the rich people crazy money.

Moschino uses “misappropriation” to stir the luxury market. / A fashion website screen capture

After the modern art, the “ingredient” is directly challenged the “original myth” in the traditional artistic concept. Many misappropriating artists believe that if art always emphasizes “originality”, it is undoubtedly to force artists into the dead alley. If the new and new, artists will only become “avant-gardist”, this innovation is not meaningful.

In addition, if the copyright is too dead, the artist will hinder the foot and create inconvenience. After all, it is absolutely original, your art work is not all the fruits of the shoulders of the seniors. Jixiang, Picasso, Wilde and Shakespeare’s life is not all accused of the brakes.

Above: Joel Qiane “Sleeping Venus” below: Jianxiang “Ulbino Venus” draws on Qiao Qiao’s work

Therefore, misappropriation of art can make the art more “democracy.” Whose works are it, you can use it again.

Art has developed to this stage, and the power of “concept” has exceeded “painting”. How to explain the value of art works, why is it possible to create an artwork that it may be more burned.

However, the object is extremely reversed, and when the misappropriation of art, we have ushered in another homogeneous “photo moving” art. The misappropriation of rebel spirit becomes a medium incent, and the critical awareness of misappropriation may also have no haul.

Three years ago, Ye Yongqing incident made “misappropriation”. Ye Yongqing, the retired professor of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, was exposed to a Belgian painter’s work for 30 years, and the price of plagiarism turned 100 times faster, so that the original painter far in Belgium was half dead.


Left: Christian Sier Wan

Right: Ye Yongqing Works

Unlike the original context of misappropriate art, Ye Yongqing’s work is not a re-cultivation of well-known public symbols and paintings. Ye Yongqing has not indicated the source of “learning”, so the audience can not distinguish the work of “intelligence” Purpose “, the irony attitude of misappropriation can not be established.

Ye Yongqing’s so-called “misappropriation” not only did not propose a new concept. When he replicated his work, he did not expen with the power, and earned a lot of money.

Such a phenomenon is the speculative panic that misappropriated art. In order to say, plagiarism of “misappropriation” coat.

Mail use and infringement,

Cut unchanging

“Mailing, being killing contemporary art.”


Today, art criticians from all over the world have issued a similar sigh. How many sorrows are listened about, after all, the birth of the art is to liberate art creation, activate art creativity, however, misappropriation to today, but “face”, hurt the creative itself.

Ironically, the hottest artists in today’s art market also often rely on “misappropriation” to make money with plagiarism.


Queens’s sculpture “FAIT D’HIVER”, inspiration completely copies the photography advertisement of Frank Davidovi.

A work can be auctioned to RMB 600 million American artist Jeff Queens, often because of the “misappropriation” defendant. Recently, Case, Queens’s sculpture “FAIT D’HIVER”, inspiration completely copies Frank Davidovi’s photography advertising, 2015, the original author filed a lawsuit, 2018, the court decided that Queu Queu needs compensation for the original 77 million US dollars.

Daming Hest, the UK is one of the most rich artists in the world. Since 2010, Hester has received more than a dozen plagiarism and plagiarism. Hester refused to recognize the allegations of “plagiarism”, he insisted on ourselves only reasonable art borrowings. What’s more, rumored that Miss Hester is completed by his assistant.

Since 2010, Hester has received more than a dozen plagiarism and plagiarism. / Left: John Leak “this is my body” right: Daming An Hest “in the name of faather”

Since the art circle in the world is “plagiarizing the wind”, why is domestic art plagiarism often make everyone a hot?

This is because different from the West, my country’s copyright law is in the “absence” state, although the people ‘s copyright awareness has gradually enhanced in recent years, but the shadow of “cottage big country” is still caught.

In the end, netizens are angry with the current plagiarized environment in my country, do not work hard, and the facts that have works in porcelain can be parallel.

Back to Guangmei Professor Feng Feng’s “Duck Rabbit New Year’s Day” came, the “misappropriation of the” Duck Rabbit New Year “has no problem, and the” identification “of Mifei is also the prerequisite for misappropriation of art. Moreover, Professor Feng himself has also added a philosophical annotation of “Duck Rabbit Metaphor” for the duck spaghetti. However, this concept is not new.

Vitgenstein uses a duck rabbit in “Philosophical Research” to illustrate the relationship between the feeling and cognition: the same picture, some people see the rabbit, some people see ducks, the difference is our existing experience and cognition affects us Feel. / Microblogging screen


Therefore, between plagiarism and misappropriation, we must pay attention to “Is Mifei as the commercial symbol still in the protection period”?

According to China’s copyright law, the author’s author’s work, the rights and protection period is 50 years after the authors, but if it is organized as author’s work (position work), the protection period is the first time after the work of the work.

Mifei’s author Dick Brua died in 2017, and published Mifei’s time in 1955, so Mifei is still controversial during the protection period.


Undoubtedly, “Duck Miki” is absolutely more than just China’s unique plagiarism, artist or license, misappropriation, but it is true that each Weibo said: Everyone can create “Mifei” in his own heart.

Mifei of netizens. / Microblogging screen


This is not, in his Weibo comment area, a large number of netizens flocked with their own Mifei. From the perspective of misappropriation, there is no doubt that they are artists.


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