Why can’t you bring a silver bracelet for your baby? Three reasons for parents must know that the second injury is too great

Many moms and dads will give the elderly a life after the baby is born, and judge the baby’s destiny by looking at the baby’s birthday character. Under such feudal superstitions, it has become a place to wear the baby from an early age to wear a child from an early age. The accessories, but some babies cannot wear it. Many parents will obey the elders’ thoughts to bring some silver jewelry to the baby, but do you know, in fact, bringing the baby with silver bracelets will have a certain impact on the baby’s physical health. Why can’t you bring a silver bracelet for your baby? Three reasons for parents must know, especially the second!

1. hurt the baby’s skin


In the hometown of many people, bringing a silver bracelet to the children symbolizes the prosperity. I hope to bring a good meaning to the child. Although this idea is good, but in fact, bringing silver bracelets will greatly hurt the child’s health. Silver is a heavy metal substance, and the child is just born, the skin is very delicate, and the body’s resistance will naturally be more than normal people. Especially if parents buy some silver bracelets with rough workmanship, it will easily hurt the child’s skin’s skin After a long time, it can also cause skin allergies and dermatitis, and some babies are more sensitive. Wearing bracelets can produce foreign body sensations and affect children’s sleep.


Frequent silver bracelets can easily cause damage to the baby’s skin. Because the baby’s skin is very delicate and fragile, and the child’s active nature, it is easy to be cut by the bracelet. slower. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to wearing bracelets only when the child develops to a certain age, and when sleeping, it is best to remove the child’s bracelet jewelry, otherwise the baby will be bruised during the night, and the baby will make bangs all night. In the end, neither the parents and the baby got enough sleep.


2. Heavy metal poisoning

The newborn baby, especially about 2 to 3 months, is curious about the children around the things around. They like to use their mouths to perceive the surrounding things. The child hangs on silver bracelets and can easily stuff it into the mouth. The items may contain harmful elements such as lead and chromium. Once the baby sucks it, it will cause heavy metal poisoning, which is extremely harmful to the human body, let alone a baby with low immunity. Causes insomnia and stones to have a great impact on the growth of children. The second one hurts the baby too much, parents must pay attention!

3. Hidden safety hazards

Of course, it is naturally easy to attract some illegal attention in public places with silver bracelets. Because parents sometimes take their children to the street, they cannot always pay attention to their children. It will become the goal of some thieves. Therefore, although you want to bring your children a valuable thing, try to remove it in public. For the safety and health of the baby, ask the parents to put the superstition thoughts aside, and don’t let the stolen things happen to the baby.

Why can’t you bring a silver bracelet for your baby? Three reasons for parents must know, especially the second! Since ancient times, people will judge whether children can wear silver bracelets by looking at the eight characters of their children’s birthday. Some children have to bring them from birth, while some children can not wear them. Things that are scientific, whether or not they do n’t do with scientific connection with the current science, we should treat these things scientifically and rationally in the 21st century. Good things.

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