You can carry it with you, the “generator” that can generate electricity with clear water and coffee, and the emergency situation is necessary

At present, most portable emergency power generation equipment can be divided into mainstream categories such as hand -shaking power generation, loading lead -acid battery type, loading lithium battery type, and a small number of magnesium battery. Although magnesium emergency power generation has not been popularized, it can effectively solve the problems of current lithium battery self -discharge, restricted use of temperature, aging battles, and safety restrictions. The development prospects cannot be underestimated.

Bo Rong Energy is the leader in small and medium -sized equipment in the field of emergency power generation. They

New magnesium power generation

The independent patent technology is the core. For the emergency needs of individuals and families, it is the first to develop and develop reserve magnesium power generation emergency power for individual handheld -size magnesium.

“Magnesium generating emergency power supply is like

Power station that can be carried with you

It will provide emergency emergency in society and life in society

Last energy guarantee

Essence “Bo Rong’s founder Jiao Jianming sincerely said to Kuang State sincerely.

Jiao Jianming, the founder of Bo Rong Energy

Dongfeng has arrived, and the emergency industry urgently needs better power supply

According to the Understanding of Sciences, since the establishment of the National Emergency Management Department, the emergency industry has entered a stage of high -speed development. At the same time, magnesium batteries have gradually entered everyone’s vision.


Compared with lithium batteries, the advantages of magnesium batteries are reflected in

three aspects

: First of all, magnesium batteries can be

Long -term storage

, And the power is not attenuated; the self -discharge problem of lithium batteries cannot be solved so far. Second, magnesium batteries have

Small volume and large capacity

The advantages of the same volume compared with the same volume of lithium batteries and other batteries, the energy of magnesium batteries far exceeds other batteries. Furthermore, magnesium batteries will not form branches in the process of discharge,

High safety

; And there are many cases of lithium batteries. In addition, my country is the world’s largest raw magnesium output country. The price is lower than the international market. After mass production, the cost of magnesium batteries will be lower than lithium batteries.

Emergency industries that need to be high -quality need to match better technologies. Therefore, magnesium batteries with multi -party advantages have gradually developed and growing, which is the general trend.

Under such a background, Bo Rong Energy is the core with high -energy emergency reserve magnesium batteries and power generation devices, which has developed a new type of emergency lighting, power generation, and distributed emergency power system. focus on.

Towards becoming

“Emergency Energy Expert”

The goal, they stabilized and practiced to the distance.

Portable environmental protection and minimalist operation can be “generated in water” in extreme environments

On the basis of the advantages of the magnesium battery, the power supply of the magnesium power generation has been developed.

“Heng, convenience, fast, light, strong, long, clever, wide, quiet, clean”

Top ten advantages have established their core competitiveness.

According to the understanding of several sciences, unlike the energy storage -type battery that can be used repeatedly, Bo Rong Energy Magnesium batteries are used as reserve batteries, which also emphasizes emergency use in emergencies. You can treat it as a long -term store -free maintenance without power, never power, and provide electricity to show your skills at a critical moment.

One -time “Super Battery”

Looking at it, just like a physical insurance to guard you at all times.

The internal electricity of the internal battery cells of Bo Rong Energy Magnesium batteries can be

Ten years of non -decay

; No maintenance is required during the reserve; a small amount of water (such as



) It can be activated immediately for power generation, and

Not picky about water body, clear water, coffee, sewage and even urine


-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

In the warm domain,

4000 meters

The altitude plateau environment is applicable; only the handheld size, light and portable; can be discarded as general garbage, clean and environmentally friendly; Based on this power supply, they have developed emergency products such as multifunctional emergency lights and power generation treasures.

Bo Rong Energy’s Magnesium Power Generation Multifunctional Emergency Lights

Due to the outstanding characteristics and obvious advantages of the magnesium power supply, and the Bo Rong power supply is favored, they told Duke State: “Our products have obtained

Military Workers Listed Companies Grand Blasting, Super Capacitor Listed Company Wanyu International

Technical and market recognition and signing cooperation development agreement. At the same time, the company’s emergency products have also been bided by the fire department of Sichuan, Guizhou and other places. “

“A gentleman is not instructed, it is called the Bo Rong”, magnesium emergency power generation is in the ascendant

The fate of Jiao Jianming and magnesium batteries began a conversation with his friend. He told Duke State that in 2012, a friend who had volunteered to participate in the front line of the earthquake -stricken area told him that at the disaster relief site that fought against the god of death, lighting appliances were the rare materials. The speaker was inadvertent, and the listener intentionally had intention. During that time, Jiao Jianming learned about magnesium battery technology. With a deep sense of social responsibility, Jiao Jianming gave up the idea of ​​applying magnesium power generation technology to the emergency field.


In fact, Jiao Jianming’s original field is the financial field. He has served as a director of China Capital Marketing Department and Director of Sales Business in China in the world’s Fortune 500 foreign banks. He has also successfully launched and managed two industrial funds with a scale of 3.6 billion yuan. By 2018, Jiao Jianming invented

“Magnesium battery and power generation device containing the magnesium battery”

Getting the invention patent authorization. From the cross -border of the financial industry to the energy industry, Jiao Jianming also faced the incomprehension of his friends in the financial industry, but he still resolutely embarked on the road of magnesium power.

According to the understanding of the number of Sciences, Jiao Jianming founded Bo Rong Energy, and it was out of

“Tongde High -track, Pan Love Bo Rong”

Feelings. In addition, he added: “A gentleman is not instructed, it is called the fragrance. No device, the square is a big device.” It can be seen that what he is pursuing is similar to

“No limit”, “break the inherent thinking”

The concept. Jiao Jianming’s experience of cross -border success is the most vivid evidence of this sentence.

Part of the members of the Bo Rong Energy Group took a group photo

Under the leadership of Jiao Jianming, Bo Rong Energy practically fulfilled their philosophy. They told Duke State that in the future, they will play more the role of a battery supplier: “Because with the continuous maturity of the emergency industry, the relevant standards will move towards the direction of the relevant standards. Integration and collaboration, large platforms and large ecology will also take shape. At this time, we should unite horizontally and empower our core technology to the surrounding industries to achieve the effect of cross -border innovation. “

Not restricted, there is a big one. Bo Rong Energy will continue to take root in the field of magnesium power generation to build the last line of defense of emergency energy, and sail away!

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