Healthy parenting, how can the baby travel hall make the baby swim more differently?

The healthy growth of the baby is the greatest wish of each parent. From the moment the baby was born, the mothers wanted to give the children the best everything. I hope that the baby has a good constitution and the physical and mental development. With the improvement of people’s living standards, this parenting needs have become more and more obvious in family consumption. They are beginning to pursue product quality and healthy maternal and infant care services. example.

Some people are asking, “What is the difference between infant swimming pools and ordinary swimming pools? Not all swim in the water!”. The Meiying Mei & Little Dragon Palace wants to say that it is true. Of course, swimming is performed in the water, and no matter where the swimming pool is swimming, the benefits of exercise are the same!


People who often participate in swimming exercise, regardless of age, have a big gap between people who do not swim. Those who swim for a long time have good cardiopulmonary respiratory function, lung volume larger than ordinary people, and have a long time to dive or hold in water in water. More power; water waves’ whole body touch, and also has a good stimulus effect on the nervous system of infants and young children, which can better promote growth and development.


At the same time, infant swimming pools are different from ordinary adult swimming pools and have higher requirements for environment and water quality. If the water temperature is constant at 31 ° ~ 34 ° to ensure the comfortable water temperature effect; for smaller babies, it is necessary to be in an independent swimming space, such as the acrylic pond of the baby dragon palace baby museum.

The disinfection requirements are also higher. We know that the average ordinary swimming pool is disinfected with chlorine. This method is easy to cause some skin diseases for infants and young children. Filter and other methods to ensure excellent water quality.

The swimming pool is also different. The adult’s swimming pool is square or arc -shaped, with puzzle floor tiles or tiles. The infant and young children’s swimming pools are made of acrylic. , Filtering, spraying water, etc., bringing more health and joy to swimming for babies.

In addition, the entire scene of the baby’s swimming will also be different. If you take your baby into the swimming pool of Xiaolong Palace, you will feel different scenery. First of all, there is no wind blowing here, and the four seasons of the constant temperature swimming environment ensure the baby’s uninterrupted swimming exercise throughout the year. Second, there are not only swimming, but also a variety of nursing services such as children’s massage, herbal health baths, and children’s haircuts.


“Good water brew well, good care services make the baby grow healthier healthily!”, Xiaolong Palace swimming pool integrates the concept of healthy growth in the avant -garde, gathered diversified parenting service projects such as swimming, care, and fun. The trend of maternal and infant consumption in the market has been favored by parents