What drill can be drilled with iron? What drill is better for drilling iron?

In industrial drilling, which drills are suitable for drilling iron materials? Today, I will sort out and analyze some of the drilling drills for everyone!

The most commonly used drill bit in the industrial drill must be twisted diamonds, and twist diamonds are divided into levical twist diamond diamonds and right rotary twist diamond diamonds. Two major materials. Today, I mainly explain the types of twist diamonds.


The history of twist diamonds has been nearly a century, and almost all of the world’s industrial knives are used in the world, and the world’s tweee diamond sales are as high as 6.5 billion twist diamonds, but the most suitable for processing iron materials is the twist diamond diamond. What about the type?

Tingli diamonds are divided into straight handle twist diamonds, cone handle twist diamonds, titanium twisted diamond diamonds, alloy twist diamonds, cobalt tingling diamonds, high -speed steel twist diamonds. The other models are the two major characteristics of different materials. At present, many large and small twist drill manufacturers will produce the most suitable twist diamonds according to the processing materials. There are many materials that are best processed when iron materials. Usually standard ordinary twist diamonds can be processed. Do not need to customize it. Some guests may ask what drills can drill iron. This problem may be based on the processing method of processing. Let’s ask questions.

Twist diamonds are not small for processing, and machine tools, drilling machines, drilling machines, flashlight drills, etc. can be universal. Twist diamonds can be used normally in any field processing field, so in fact, you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong drill. The factor of the hole processing is nothing more than the size of the deep hole. Quality twist diamonds can be selected, because the best produces only high -end twist drills.

OBS twist diamonds are most suitable for processing various materials, stainless steel drills, and special drills for aluminum. Jia is only what you can’t think of.

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