4 -year -old girl breathing is suspended! Why is the safe bedding that protects the safety?

The dangerous bed enclosure has become damage.

Two months ago, when the 4 -year -old Niu Niu (pseudonym) played in a double -layer bed, the neck was accidentally stuck in the bed enclosure, causing breathing to be suspended. ability. What kind of fence is it in danger? What other hidden dangers are there in the market?


Girls are surrounded by the bed, causing their ability to lose their activity after suffocation

At the time of the incident, the family found that Niuniu’s neck was stuck in the bed enclosure and caused an unpopular breath. Dad conducted a cardiopulmonary resuscitation and sent it to the local hospital for her, and then transferred to Henan Children’s Hospital. After the rescue of various vital signs, he was transferred to the general ward. However, due to the long lack of oxygen, her brain caused unclear consciousness. At the same time, she had both upper limb flexion and rigidity. The lower limbs were straight and straight, the feet turned in and inside, and the torso twisted obviously. Essence

Li Wenxia, ​​the attending physician of the Division of Rehabilitation Medicine, Henan Provincial Children’s Hospital, reminded that the child’s suffocation time will cause hypoxic encephalopathy and affect the development of neurological function. These damage is irreversible. Later rehabilitation treatment is also a relatively long process Essence

There are different standards for selling children’s beds, and individual products are available in shape

When many parents play and sleep on the bed, in order to prevent the baby from falling from the bed, they will choose to add beds to the bed. In this regard, experts say that you may try to use a guardrail instead of the bed.

“Don’t worry about the quality of the guardrail, the baby is injured and hurts. In fact, the baby’s muscle strength and coordination ability are not very good, and the possibility of injury is very small.” The gap should not be too large, avoid stuck the baby’s limbs or heads. According to reports, the head circumference of a three or four-year-old children is generally 50-52 cm, and it is calculated about 15 cm in diameter.

On April 11, the reporter visited the furniture market in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, and found that the safety facilities of children’s homes were complete, but some lacked consideration. In a exhibition hall in the furniture market, multiple letters are placed. The upper bed fence with a height of about 1.5 meters is used as a railing with the wooden structure of the thickness of the finger, and the gap is about 12 cm. The wooden ladder on the bed is extremely smooth and narrow. The clerk said that the furniture is the overall surface grinding and painting, so the parts that can be seen are smooth. In a shop, there are multiple styles of children’s beds, and the clerk said that it can also provide customized products. On the products displayed, the upper beds are gear and short: some are surrounded by fences (except the entrance), and some leave two large gaps on the outside. Essence

Which household facilities have hidden dangers of “biting people”?

“In addition to furniture, the gap between the balcony guardrail is also a common hidden danger that causes children to be stuck.” Liu Xing, instructor of the Ganjiang Road Squadron of the Public Security Fire Brigade of the Erqi District, said that the fire department often received the for help from the child’s card. Among them, the fingers, feet, and heads are parts with more stuck children. “The fingers are mainly stuck by the ring, nut, and the bicycles and electric vehicles are easy to pinch the feet of young children.

The fire department reminds parents that children’s curiosity is strong. Parents should take more time to take care of them, try not to let children come into contact with some items that are easy to cause accidents. Once the child’s fingers are stuck, parents must first keep calm. If they cannot solve them within their ability, they should immediately ask 120 or 119 to do it reckless to avoid unnecessary harm to the child.

Source: Dahe Client