How to wear outdoor running outdoors in winter?

Whether it is a hot summer or a very cold winter, running is a thing that we have always persisted.

In order to hone their will, in order to resolve the pressure in work, in order to maintain our healthy and well -proportioned figure, and for the pleasure of fast after exercise, in short, I personally feel that running has a lot of benefits, and it has also been verified by many runners.

So, in the cold winter, in order to make running smoothly, what should we do, and how should we wear it when running outdoors?

First of all, in order to reduce the obstacles of our getting up, the temperature of the bedroom air conditioner should be adjusted to more appropriate. We must not want to get up due to the excessive temperature difference inside and outside the bed. After getting up, do the necessary warm -up indoor (cold winter warm -up, about ten minutes of warm -up exercise, avoid suddenly contacting cold air outdoors and causing cold colds).

1. Top: [Three layers of dressing principles]

1. Speed ​​-drying and sweating layer

It is characterized by thin, quick -drying (chemical fiber fabric). Compared with cotton fabrics, synthetic fabrics can quickly discharge moisture, allowing water to evaporate, reducing the risk of discomfort in exercise and the risk of temperature loss in exercise. (Mainly compressed clothes)

2. Repair the warm layer (wear outside the fast -drying sweats)

Take more sports sweater. Most of the fabrics are made of quick -drying materials. Generally, there are no hats. The sleeves will leave a hole in the thumb to keep the hands warm. Yes, the biggest difference between sports sweater and ordinary sweater is the material, and the quick -drying composite fabric is more convenient for the evaporation of sweat. It is just uncomfortable in exercise, and it is easy to get warm after exercise. Sometimes a cotton vest or thin down on the outside of the sweater, which is suitable for being cold, is not enough to keep a warm layer, and add a warm layer.

3. Isolation protective layer

The isolation layer is mainly to prevent wind and rain. Everyone knows that the knitted sweater will have many fluffy gaps, which is convenient for the formation of the air layer to keep warm. But as soon as the wind blows, the temperature temperature is very cold. The running jacket is mainly for windproof. The current jacket generally has a waterproof function on the basis of the wind. Given that the northern autumn and winter are relatively dry, it does not require too good waterproof performance. Waterproof and breathable functions are not available.

Second, lower clothes:

There are muscles on the legs. Unlike the upper body, there are so many internal organs, and the ability of cold resistance is much stronger, so you don’t need to pay special attention. Slightly thicker “compressed pants”, woven and knitted sports pants can meet the needs. If you are still afraid of cold, you can match a quick -drying leggings in the sports pants.

Under normal circumstances, the inner compression pants and a pair of sports pants are enough.

When running, the human body produces a lot of heat. According to the above dress, if the pace is about 6min, running about 2km, you will basically sweat, so you must wear sweat -dried and dry clothes.

Third, necessary accessories:

Hat (windproof hat): Quick -drying sports cap (knitted or fleece outdoor caps, can be directly wrapped in your ears). If the temperature is lower than -1 ° C, the ears are the key protection objects. The hat or headscarf that can be wrapped in the ears is a good choice.

Gloves: It is recommended to use thin and windproof gloves.

Glasses: There are many sports eyes on the Internet to choose from, and generally do not need.


1. After running in winter, you should not take a bath after running. You need to return to the room temperature and then clean it to avoid colds.

2. The hat can not be worn during the running up and down, but when you stop and stop, you must put on the hat.

3. It is necessary to warm up and stretch the running in the winter with low temperature.

There is no fear of cold, challenging ourselves, let us persist in running in winter, are you ready?