In Digimon 2, only Emperor Dragon Armor is the ultimate body.

Digimon 2 is recognized as the weakest generation of the past. Only the emperor dragon and armor beast is the ultimate body. So who is the ultimate body of the eagle beast in the heroes? Do you know again?

The ultimate body of the eagle beast is the Valaki Beast. The Valaki Beast is also known as the female martial arts beast. She has not appeared in anime, but is active in multiple digital beast series games.


Valaki Beast is a female warrior -type digital beast full of Nordic mythology, which is very heroic.

Golden Bird Freya is inseparable from it. When the danger is coming, the Valkyrie and Beast will let it make the first reaction.

The Valkyrie has the speed of the wind and thunder, and the attack is in a moment. Usually the enemy does not respond, and is cut off, and the magic sword “Fenrier” in his hand comes with absolute zero magic, which can frozen the enemy. Yaokai’s light has the ability to regenerate digital eggs.


The Valaki Beast is also a magical shooter who penetrates a hundred steps of Yang. When it picked up the bow and arrow “Olwr’s Story”, the enemy was only ready to be hunted.


The Valkyrie Beast is a all -around soldier who integrates speed, swordsmanship and arrows.