The young people who joked the big gold chain then began to hoard the gold crazy

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This article was first published in the public account of Tiger Sniff Young content “That NG” (ID: huxiu4youth). Here, we present the appearance, stories and attitudes of young people.

In the Golden Store, what does it feel like to buy a big gold bracelet with a Lo Lolita dress?

When I hit this scene a few days ago, I felt a little magical.

In my limited cognition, when I mentioned gold, I always think of the underworld brother in the bathhouse, or the “Chinese aunt” who shocked the international gold price. A little bit bustling and a little tacky, in short, it is not something that young people will like.

A report of a report named “China Gold Vision Consumption Trends” 6 years ago showed that at the time, young people aged 18-25 were very interested in gold.

Whoever wants to shake God, the young man has carried his shoulders with gold. And I also had a “ugly rejection” impression on Jin Jiao, and it became a trunk of outdated.

The data can explain the situation-according to the World Gold Association’s “2021 China Gold Jewelry Consumption Survey White Paper”, the willingness to buy the gold jewelry aged 18-24 has risen from 16%in 2016 to 59%.


In 2021, gold jewelry suddenly became popular among young groups.

Young people are falling in love with gold again.

On the eve of Double Eleven, Li Jiaqi’s golden jewelry live broadcast, but in ten minutes, the goods were swept away.

Offline, one -third of the practitioners said that the consumption amount of generations of generations under the age of 25 has increased significantly compared with 2019.

Among the major grass communities, the notes of gold, buying gold, buying, and communication are even more like a bamboo shoot.

Figure 丨 Douban


The enthusiasm of young people at the gold cabinet is like the scene of our mother’s bottom -up to buy.


It seemed like I forgot. We who followed our mother that year had sniffed about this Huang Chancan’s stuff.

The newly -entered young people have played new tricks to this ancient industry. In a sense, it is like a war.

In their buying gold competition, buying gold is not called “薅 薅”.

It is not a ability to buy, and you can earn it while buying.

“I didn’t understand when I got married and bought three gold before,

If you know the game early, more than 50,000 three -piece set can save about 9,000 yuan

Essence Now turn your hands, you can earn something. “

Commonly married Sanjin 丨 Xiaohongshu

After half a year of the pit, I introduced the basic way of Jin Jin.

Because gold is “hard currency” and the value is relatively constant. In order to increase customers to the restaurant’s repurchase rate, major old -fashioned gold shops provide new replacement services with old replacement. Consumers can use their own old -fashioned decorations, based on certain depreciation formulas to buy new accessories for the brand in the store.


一 一 一 is the article that uses the difference between buying a change.

When buying, pay close attention to the preferential activities of major e -commerce platforms, live rooms and offline stores. What style brands are not restricted? As long as the product is full gold, and it is lower than the international gold price of the day, you can shoot.

When the purchase is replaced, the activity time of various brand stores must be allowed. The major gold brands often launch a 1: 1 salary for depreciation expenses. As long as you go to the door during the event, the cheap gold that is stored at low prices can be exchanged to the store at the gold price of the day. As long as the buyer adds a handicraft fee, you can easily exchange the fashionable new products of the season.

书 书 薅 丨 Xiaohongshu

Last year’s Double Eleven, Sihuai reached a total of 121 grams of gold jewelry, with an average price of 345 yuan. Among them, more than 70 grams, the gold price of 374 yuan purchased the ancient method and gold necklace, which saved nearly 2,000 yuan.

On the major platforms, there are not a few girls like Sihuai. Some people report to the group to warm up, and set up the golden group to master the preferential dynamics in real time.

Figure 丨 Xiaohongshu

More and more people have found the happiness like futures on gold jewelry.

Other players who are more Buddha, choose small golden beans to store gold.

After 00, Xiaoxi, who participated in the work for one year, paid a monthly salary, went to buy a small golden beans. Ding Ling Bell is put into the glass wish bottle, and the golden glitter is pleasing.


The international gold price floats in real time, and the price of golden beans is different, but it is mostly 350-380: “It’s not expensive, just be a hobby. The money is put on the mobile phone. I can see it and feel it. “

Xiao Xi thought, wait for 1 bottle of golden beans to go online to play a plain bracelet

She has long been optimistic about Douyin, and the ancient goldrs of the folk goldrs are only more than 20 yuan for cheap work expenses.

Douyin in folk jewelry stalls

There are also some science and engineering brothers who have played more wild play.

These “alchemists” skipped the steps of buying golden beans, just like the Tokyo Olympics production medal, collecting waste electronic equipment, and refining gold from the electronic line board.

Pure gold 丨 Douyin with abandoned electronic equipment

Why is the gold that has been silent in the young market for a long time, suddenly turned red in 2021?


I would like to call it a recovery of a pragmatism, which is the return of consumerism.

In the early years, young people couldn’t understand the attachment of their father’s gold, as if I couldn’t understand why whenever you hugged a tide sweater, your mother had to open the collar and said, “It’s not cotton.”


When the young people are shopping, how long did they not take the material considerations before the brand?

In the process of human history, I am afraid that no generation is like our generation, so far from raw materials.

Highly industrial product lines always directly put the results in front of us, and do not tell you which fields and mines it comes from.


We don’t know, and don’t care -I believe that the brand will be responsible for everything. Why should you ask?


The father who tailored clothes ourselves was the last generation who still cares about raw materials.

The older generation has not been obsessed with light luxury accessories such as Swarovski, Ba Shilong, and Tiffany. But it was before they figured out what raw materials these big names were used.

In the year of adults, my mother gave me two Swarovski necklaces. She said, “You are a big girl, it should be a bit supported by the scene.”


However, half a year later, she tried to discuss the necklace back and throw it back to the store to refund. Because the “Beijing Evening News” posted that the BlingBling sold by Swarovski was not natural crystals, but artificial glass.

Aside from the value of the brand, most of the materials for light luxury jewelry must not be calculated.

In order to ensure the hardness and wear resistance of the material, the big -name jewelry is mostly 18K gold. 18K gold content is only 75%, compared with the 24K foot gold with 99%gold content, it is much cheaper.

However, their pricing is much higher than the value of raw materials. A Tiffany’s 18K gold smile necklace is priced at 8,450 yuan. Based on the recent gold price of 480 yuan/gram, it can buy nearly 18 grams of gold in gold shops.


Figure 丨 Tiffany & Co.

You don’t look at your mother’s gold, and your mother doesn’t even look at your imitation crystal bracelet.


For young people, Swarovski is the heart of the ocean of “Titanic” and the yellow dance skirt of “Beauty and Beast”, which is beautiful and romantic.

“Beauty and Beast” yellow dance skirt made by 2160 Swarovski Crystal

But in the eyes of a mother who has been going on and hungry, it is more like a playboy who can tell stories to grab money on the street.

Originally, this generation gap may extend in parallel like other countless grooves until the end of time. But an epidemic changed the situation.

In 2021, it is not a year of high songs. In the past, there was a reshuffle in the education industry, and there was a large factory layoffs. The fund was green. The epidemic came back at the beginning of the epidemic.


The stuffy sticks of life, young people suddenly started to understand their mother.

Who said that only love gold is the old land of the city? That is clearly sober on earth.


2021 makes young people think about, and big brands are unreliable.

In the high -priced Dream Dragon, you can’t eat an animal cream. Only one person’s DR diamond ring is given in a lifetime, and you only need to change your ID card to open twice.


The not precious diamond was brought by Monroe “Diamond is the best friend of a girl” with fire

There are no brand stories that are trustworthy. Compared with a nice story, we want to be “OK” in our palms.

Gold is exactly this “OK”.

Sihuai’s wedding only prepared gold, and there was no diamond ring. The ritual was used by Taobao’s fake diamonds: “What is the long -lasting diamond? A fire is burned into a pencil core.

Gold burning melting

She told me that the most essential difference between buying gold jewelry and other jewelry is that other jewelry is likely to be pure consumer goods, and gold is a preservation product. Therefore, buying gold jewelry is like investing in financial management, and there will be no sense of luxury guilty of spending money. It is happy to have a happy mood, but also a very good life.


In the circle of popularity, it is “small money bought gold, it did not leave you, but just changed a way to accompany you.”

At the same time as the golden circle became popular, the light luxury jewelry brands, which were originally stabilized, were in business dilemma.

According to Bloomberg, in 2020, Swarovski’s overall net profit declined by one -third, and some stores had to be closed at the end of the year and launched multiple rounds of layoffs. The Pandora’s Day of the same track was not good. Sales fell 12%year -on -year, organic growth decreased by 11%. In 2021, it still failed to recover to the level before the epidemic.

Swarovski has worked hard to win the Wonder Woman series of young people’s favor


The decline of gold and the decline of light luxury jewelry is the two sides of the same process. Of course, it is not the price of gold jewelry jade, but the mood of young people.

In the changing world, Tiffany’s delicate breakfast is not full of anxiety, and we need golden and dazzling security.

Of course, if the golden cabinet is placed, it is still the heavy gold decoration of the mother -in -law, and the young people who are accustomed to the exquisite design, I am afraid that they still have to do psychological construction.


But now the gold jewelry is no longer Wu Xia Amon.

The traditional gold brand Xiao Xiang’s wallet for young consumers has been thinking for a long time.

In 2016, after China’s gold jewelry consumption fell for three consecutive years, “Inspecture of China’s Gold Jewelry Consumption Trend” proposed that the old gold shop wants to get rid of the current situation of development bottlenecks and breakout to be limited to the scene of marriage and love. Essence


Although young people live more and more “pragmatic”, they do not mean “rough”.


The “China Z Gen Zeng Performance White Paper” released by Yicai shows that in 2020, the Z generation contributed one -third of the share of fashion consumption, of which the highest expenditure was jewelry. 45%of the Z -generation women will get valuable head jewelry on a certain anniversary, and they will also buy valuable jewelry to praise themselves to spend difficult times.

First Finance and Economics “China Z’s Valic Jewelry Consumers White Paper”

Compared with their parents, the consumption of valuable jewelry of young people emphasizes “pleasing self”, and the scene is more daily.

Although the unit price of each purchase is not as high as the three gold and hardware, the frequency is high and the stickiness is strong, and it is also a large market.

Seeing this trend, traditional gold shops immediately opened the actions of young consumers.


The first step is to change the tide first.

At the beginning, there is no old gold shop that attracts young guests to experience.

From Cartier’s round heart single diamond necklace to Van Caval’s four -leaf grass pendant, all popular explosive designs can find “high imitation” under the old gold shop.


These so -called “flat replacements” are not only similar in shape, but also selling particularly affordable.

Cartier 18K gold, 0.19 carat single -diamond necklace, priced at 18,100 yuan. A blessing “flat replacement” is also 18K gold, 0.2 carats of diamonds, only 4980 yuan.

Van Cleef & B. The four -leaf grass pendant, the base is 18K gold, priced at 12,400 yuan. A “flat replacement”, using 24K foot gold, only sells a fraction of Van Cleef & Arpel.


Regardless of the problem of plagiarism, the cost -effectiveness alone is really tempting.

In addition, the old gold shop has mastered the two major magic weapons of trendy consumer products: joint names and national tide.

A 3D, 5G process that uses hardness and wear resistance is better, rich in shape, and links with major IP.

Harry Potter, Little Yellow, One Piece, Pokémon, Great British Museum, Sun Wukong … Only young people do not like it, do not dare to connect with gold shops, and popular elements. The mahogany “opened the light.

The other end uses the “ancient gold” process to make more exquisite heavy work soft gold jewelry. Combined with the Hanfu scene, it is scratching the itch of the “good ancient” youth.

Original is not bad.

There were more than 4,400 related notes that were popular in Xiaohongshu last year.


On Saturday, the square sugar roll on Saturday is very popular.

Zhou Shengsheng’s young man brand “Mintygreen · Zhou Shengsheng” and Chow Tai Fook’s young Huazi brand “Monology Donkaku”, like the wild children who picked up two and a half roads, could not see the “big house door” temperament of the parent company, and the streets were cool.

Monologue monologue: confession zoo series

To be honest, this interesting design, let alone real gold, is copper, and I am also willing to pay.


When we jump from the embrace of the light luxury jewelry, it can be regarded as a world of sky and the world.

Happiness soft landing

It’s right.

In 2021, the traditional gold brand of transformation and upgrading was completed. At the right time, he met a young man who was just looking back.


It seems that this golden is more like a two -way rush to traditional merchants and young consumers.

One for money, the other is stable.

However, from Nanjing to Beijing, there is no essence for selling. There are still many traps hidden in the sweet Jinfeng Yulu.

Scientific gold can indeed achieve value preservation when buying at lower or near international gold prices.

However, many stores do not have a hard price for pricing, but it is a big pit.

Don’t look at hard gold jewelry in size and beautiful shape, but most of them are hollow, just like “blowing up”. The actual weight is not as affordable as seeing, and the price is much higher than the value of gold material.

If you buy hard gold with an investment mentality, 90%will lose blood.

In addition, different stores that are not uniformly replacement for each store are also easy to make people dizzy.

Some stores do not receive bank gold bars, some stores require a certain percentage of new gold purchase grams in the overweight weight of the old cities. Platform routine.

Figure 丨 Xiaohongshu

If you do n’t do your homework, you will be blind when you go to the store.

This is just the bend of the regular gold shop, and there are many traps in the live broadcast room.


Golden Live Scenery 丨 Douyin


Most of the gold jewelry in the live broadcast room comes from Shenzhen Shuibei. Due to the wholesale source, there are often very beautiful prices. However, naturally there are fish -eyed mixed beads.

Xiaoxi had been greedy and bought a uninteresting golden beans in the live broadcast room. After there was a problem with cash beans, Xiaoxi immediately contacted the merchant to ask for a refund, but the merchant claimed that Xiaoxi needed a complete inspection certificate. For more than 200 yuan of golden beans, finding a professional institution tossed a test to prove that Xiaoxi felt trouble and finally had to get it.

There are also some offline small shops. When recycling gold, it is used to use a lighter to burn gold. Because the lighter burning is insufficient, the foot gold becomes black.

In the end, he closed his eyes to the end and found that he was bald.

However, compared to diamonds and imitation crystals, the gold jewelry that is still expensive is still expensive, and I am afraid that it is already the era when freshness is nearly daily.

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