The Recommendation of Fox’s Recommended Records of Porcelain Party

2017-08-21 05:06:00 Author: Jin Yan

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碰瓷党的克星 适合福克斯的记录仪推荐


Fox, as a fashion smart model under Ford, has been loved by people, especially the sedan or its sedan, especially the young people. Many young people use it as a mobility tool, whether they open it to work or take their families and friends outings, they can be able to do it.

The new Fox continues the “Martin -style” family design in appearance, which has a high degree of recognition, and at the same time increases its dynamic atmosphere. The slender headlight design gives the front of the car full of streamlined atmosphere and continues the breath to the side of the body. When you come to the rear of the car, you can see the visual effect of the Fox hatchback’s dive forward, highlighting a strong sense of motion.

碰瓷党的克星 适合福克斯的记录仪推荐

Ford Focus

In terms of interior, the color matching of Fox highlights the family atmosphere, and compared with the dynamic appearance, it lacks a few sporty atmosphere. The four -spoke steering wheel is equipped with multi -function buttons and can control the large screen of the center console through shortcut keys. The center control screen is a new 8 -inch large screen. In terms of configuration, the Fox sedan 1.0 GTDI is equipped with systems such as leather multifunctional steering wheel and parking assistance.

Fox interior

碰瓷党的克星 适合福克斯的记录仪推荐

Ford Fox has been favored by many young consumers, mainly because it has certain sports genes, and the design is very modern. Now we introduce a few high -definition driving recorders for the majority of Fox owners. The cost -effective sports model with both sports models can monitor the entire process of your car. You can also monitor you to escort the car owner throughout the car.