Precautions for the design of the exquisite album design of the enterprise brochure

First of all, understand the design steps of the brochure. From the time of the production of the production enterprise brochure, it was determined that the enterprise’s plan to produce the brochure of the brochure was determined. When the discussion of the brochure within the enterprise, when the company began to prepare the design information of the brochure, the design information of the brochure began We have officially started our brochure design work.

Next is the preparation of graphic materials. It is necessary to collect the information and product introduction materials introduced by the company before it can be prepared for the content of the brochure, and write and list the basic content related to the enterprise, including the brand development history of the company, corporate culture, and business business philosophy. Enterprise organizational structure and other information.

企业宣传册设计 精美画册设计的注意事项

The contents of the brochure are displayed in the directory and inner page part of the brochure. These contents need to prepare relevant graphic materials in advance. After the picture processing, it is auxiliary bay documents in order to design the layout of the brochure. The contents of the associated design on the directory and the details page make the echoing relationship between the directory and the details page.

企业宣传册设计 精美画册设计的注意事项

For the production process of the company’s brochure, we have prepared the company’s original photos and copywriting materials. According to the design requirements of enterprise products, we will organize materials, make secondary rectification and processing copywriting, and export design operations on the picture to meet different types of publicity album design and enrich the page layout.

Before using the contents of software typesetting, the processing of data is mainly concentrated on the contents and pictures of the brochure. The combination of graphics and text in the brochure requires a careful combination and creative design. Can enrich the design style of the corporate brochure.