40 high -heeled sandals comparison: Zosini’s reflection is not up to standard, hotwind security performance is poor

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How to buy comfortable, wearing, safe high -heeled sandals?

In summer, the increased and thin high -heeled sandals have become the “darling” of ladies, making people love “feet”. In summer, people often wear shoes bare feet, coupled with hot weather to make their feet sweat easily. If you wear shoes with poor quality for a long time, it will affect your feet health.

At present, there are many brands of high -heeled sandals and different prices on the market. How do consumers buy comfortable, wearing, safe high -heeled sandals?


Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission announced the comparison test results of 40 high -heeled sandals. As a result, 28 of the 40 samples passed all test items, and the other 12 samples may be discounted. There are problems with physical mechanical properties such as helping the bottom peeling strength and intriguing, or the limited performance of harmful substances such as phthalate, hexavalent chromium, etc.

Sample situation


This comparison test purchased 40 high -heeled sandals through channels such as comprehensive shopping malls, brand discount stores, and e -commerce platforms. It not only covers popular brands such as Harson (Hason) and Lantang (Lantang), but also includes Prada (Prada) and Light luxury brands such as GIORGIO Armani (George Armani) also involved online celebrities such as 73HOURS, MS.bag & Mr.Shoe (Miss Bao and Mr. Shoes). The price ranges from 125.1 yuan to 4620 yuan.

Test items

This comparison test is based on the execution standards of the sample explicit GB/T22756-2017 “Leather Sweet Shoes”, QB/T1002-2015 “Leather Shoes”. The physical and mechanical properties such as friction -resistant color fastness were tested. In addition, the safety is tested for the limits of harmful substances such as hexavalent chromium, ricate, chlorophenol, chlorophenol, dihaxamate, formaldehyde, and dismissal of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes to obtain numerical evaluations.

Durable chapter

Demonpi resistance does not meet the standard

Folding resistance is an important basic indicator that reflects the quality of shoe products. It reflects the bending and curved performance of the shoes in normal wear. Shoes with poor fold resistance are prone to faults of the soles during the dressing process. Cracks, cracks or bottoms, bottom walls and other problems.

When wearing shoes with higher heels, the soles of the feet and the ground have a certain inclination, and it is usually difficult to bend a larger angle. Therefore, this test tests 24 samples with moderate height (height is not more than 70mm).

The test results show that there are no cracks after the 7 samples are folded, and the crack length of 16 samples is within the standard requirements of the standard.

1 sample nominal women’s shoes (nominal trademark: Josiny; nominal model: 15311089101) commissioned by Zhejiang Zhuo Shini Holdings Co., Ltd., the cracks exceed the standard requirements, reaching 63.0mm (standard requirements ≤20.0mm), exceeding the standards exceeding the standard Two times the limit.

The strength of the help band and the extension of the bottoming out of the bottom are indicators to measure the shoe product shoe, sole, and band bonding.


In the process of wearing too low -intensity, it is prone to the situation of helping the band, the help of the face and the sole off the sole, which affects the service life. In particular, it is one of the more common quality issues in daily consumption complaints that are loved by many ladies and strap high -heeled sandals.

The test results show that the strength of the sample is between 27-53n/cm, and the piping strength of the bottom is between 59-198n/cm. Explain the standard requirements.

The intrigue is the “backbone” of the shoes. Whether the shoes are stable on the feet are stable or not, it mainly depends on the role of intrigue, especially for high -heeled sandals that are mostly helped structures. Sex depends mainly on intrigue. If you are too soft and short, break or obvious cracks occur, the heels will be skewed when walking, causing the overall shape of the shoe to deform, unstable walking, and even cause the wearer to launch and fall.

The test results show that among the 33 pieces of the 33 parts of the test (the other 7 are injection molding structure, the midsole is in injection molding, the inheritance effect, exempt from testing) samples meet the standard requirements, and the other 4 of the other 4 pieces, the other 4 pieces Optometer is too soft, too short or after testing, obvious cracks or even break.

In addition, this comparison test also tested indicators such as outsole wear resistance, heel wear resistance, heel binding force, lining and inner pad friction color accuracy and other indicators. The results meet the standard requirements.

Safety articles

The limited performance of the hot air harmful substances performed poorly

There is no strict requirements for the limited edition of the harmful substances for the current shoe standards. This comparison test refers to the “General Safety Requirements for Shoes” (submitting the draft) that currently entered the approval stage in 2019 and currently entering the approval stage. Testing harmful substances such as chromium and fumate dihydride is tested to obtain data for consumer reference.

Deep -borne (plasticizers) can make hard plastic soft and elastic, making it easier for materials to shape. Studies have shown that phthalate can be absorbed into the human body through respiratory systems and skin, causing harm to the human body’s reproductive development. In the “Shoes General Safety Requirements” (approval draft), the total amount of DEHP, DBP, BBP, and DIBP must not exceed 0.1%.

The test results showed that 30 of the 40 samples were not detected by phenyl -dyshalate, the detection value of 36 samples was less than 0.1%, and the detection value of 4 samples exceeded 0.1%.

The hexavalent chromium in shoe products comes from the large amount of chromium tannis used in the production process of shoe leather materials, which can be converted into hexavalent chromium under high temperature and oxidants. The hexavalent chromium may cause allergies or cause many other health problems after being absorbed by the human body.

In the “Shoes General Safety Requirements” (approval draft), it is recommended that the hexavalent chromium content must not exceed 10mg/kg.

The test results show that there is a sample, namely the nominal

Women’s fashion decoration pearl Mueller slippers produced by Ningbo Hot Wind Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (nominal trademark: Hotwind, nominal specification model: H34W1122/245 (1.5)) 25mg/kg.

In addition, this comparison test also tested indicators such as pomacebolic diangin, chlorophenol, formaldehyde, and dismissal of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes. As a result, the recommended limit of the “Sweet Safety Requirements” (approval draft) was passed.

Comprehensive comparison test results,

Bally, Geox, Prada, Disana, Charles & Keith 5 performed well, and 5 -star rating was obtained in terms of safety and wearing resistance.



Compared with flat shoes, once wearing high heels, most of the body’s weight naturally moves to the forefoot. The increase in the pressure of the forefoot can easily lead to toe pain, wear and deformation. Essence When wearing high heels, the center of gravity of the lower body move forward, so that the part of the body will naturally lean back to keep the body balance, which will eventually cause back pain. In addition, due to the heel relationship, the ankle will always be kept in a kicking state. Over time, it will tighten and shorten the lower tendon of the calf. Many people’s tendonitis and sole pain are caused.

1. Choose the right high heels and learn to relax your calf

Wearing high heels can indeed improve the aura of the whole person, but it is also skillful in choosing high heels. A lighter toe will make your toes more comfortable, so try to avoid wearing pointed shoes. In addition, when you sit at the desk or usually rest at home, you can take off high heels, bend and stretch the calf muscles, or practice yoga to help relax the tight calf. Pain is very helpful.

2. Poor slip and stretch massage

Many beautiful high -heeled shoes may be easier to fall or sprain because the soles are too slippery, so you can find shoers and add a more stable rubber sole. This cheap adjustment will make you great benefits. In addition, when you feel too tired, take off your shoes and massage, step on a tennis on the soles of your feet, and then roll it back and forth. Each foot massage for 2-3 minutes to prevent the soles of the sole meridian.

Source: Consumer Report Comprehensive Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission