The early autumn court wind shirts appear strong

The autumn meaning is getting stronger. At this time, there is always a shirt in the favorite items of the fashion essence. When the style changes slightly, you can match countless styles. In the early autumn, the court wind shirt appeared again. Go to this fashion express.

The court style returns quietly. Victorian lotus -leaf shirts are romantic and elegant. It is a well -deserved French logo item. The shape of the jeans is beautiful enough. The ruffled side of the court wind shirt generally forms a contour. The chest, shoulders and sleeves are the most often appearing. This can improve the design sense of style. The ruffled court wind shirt is actually very friendly to the baby with small breasts. The small fairy with flat chest and narrow shoulders can choose the style of the ruffled side on the chest and shoulders. Of course, if a woman with a plump chest, you can choose a style with lotus leaf on the shoulder but no decoration on the chest, which can make the chest look flat.

The Ruff is a collar formed by layered by the ruffled edge, and a shirt with the Laf collar can be said to be the most iconic fashion items in the Victorian era. The traditional Lavry leaders often wear a bit too grand, but the simplified Raf collar has weakened the original sense of heavyness. The existence of the small high -collar makes a bland white shirt more highlighting. This style is very suitable for people with slender necks. Shirts and jeans are originally standard in French style, and elegant court style shirts with jeans are French lazy advanced performance. The court wind shirt with a small high -necity is recommended to choose a thin material, like a romantic lace, the whole person looks gorgeous.

The court wind shirt also has a very representative feature, which is its sleeve, which is extremely interesting. Or lamb leg sleeves or bubble sleeves or lantern sleeves. In short, the sleeves are many plays. Fang collar shirt has a court style because of its sleeves, and its retro style is stronger. In terms of material, it is recommended to choose a light and strong fabric, or a clear tulle fabric, which can better reflect the gentleness and softness of women.

If you don’t want to wear a white shirt unchanged, you can try the bright red square collar top, and the square collar is also suitable for big breasts. Little fairy with width or shoulder thickness should avoid choosing a bulging style on the shoulders. The material of the falling shoulder chrysanthemum is more suitable for you. The lantern sleeve on the ruffled side can create a sweet sense.

Each girl once had a princess dream. As the age increases, the princess will gradually follow. Start a court -style shirt to satisfy your princess dream.