Good object | These creative small children, “achievement” lazy and warm cottage

Get off work is bored? It is better to use some creative small pieces to change the unchanging room! Whether it is re-replacing the location of the home, or choose a favorite wallpaper to give the wall new color, you can give a fresh feelings. If these have been done, try to add some creative small pieces, both convenient and practical, can be tied, share with friends, and make great happiness.

* Bag walks coffee table


For many young people living in the hustle and bustle, after returning home, you need a simple, quiet space to enjoy a leisurely time, and drive away anxiety. This scaffold bag is very interesting, and the appearance interprets the simple style of the Japanese, the bottom is a pocket style storage bag, and there is a tray on the bag. You can put a book or cup, in addition, it also has a walking Make-up, truly “bag”, whether it is in the living room or in the bedroom, one is enough.


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* Sofa tatami + wooden bookshelf

Although e-reading has been generally entered into people’s lives, but paper books are still the election of reading people. Leisure, immersed in a beautiful text, fragrant paper ink, can quickly release anxiety, give the heart to peace. It is a “props” that creates a reading angle and is the best “prop.” A sofa tatami, let you have a lazy sitting, a wooden bookshelf, meet the needs of tea and books. You will find that the more simply tastes.

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Beijing News reporter Qin Shengnan

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Source: New Beijing News