GM ripple metal hose introduction

Universal ripple

Metal Hose

Introduction: Metal hose is installed in a liquid conveyor system as a flexible pressure resistant pipe part to supplement the interaction of pipes or machines and equipment connectors, absorb vibration energy, can play vibration reduction, muffled noise reduction, etc. Good, light quality, corrosion resistance, anti -fatigue, high and low temperature and other advantages. The stainless steel metal hose produced by Shanghai Huanxin stainless steel metal hose, stainless steel ripples, stainless steel metal soft joints and other products, use imported SUS304, SUS316, and SUS316L materials. Among them, stainless steel woven hose, fluid conveyor metal ripple tube, stainless steel pump connecting vibration reducing hose, stainless steel fire pipe, stainless steel ripple compensator, gas mechanical stainless steel ripple tube fully meet domestic industrial standards. The product has the advantages of good flexibility, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature and low temperature, vibration reduction, noise reduction, strong sealing, long service life. Widely used in textiles, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, oil, chemical, steel, gas, air conditioning, automobiles, fire, urban water supply, construction, metallurgy, petrochemical and other fields.


The classification of universal ripple metal hose is:


1. Take over ripple -grained metal hose

2. Connectal ripple metal hose: (1) One end of the ball head jacket nut, the inner cone connection connection; 4) 55 ° cone tube thread connection metal hose; (5) Oil connecting metal hose; (6) Open fast connector connecting metal hose;

3. Flastic ripple metal hoses: (1) Flat welding flank connecting metal hose at both ends; (2) Flat welding flange at one end, one end of loose flange to connect the metal hose; Matsuz -connected metal hose; (4) High -pressure flange connecting metal hoses in the convex surface.


Dedicated ripple metal hose and ripple compensator

1. The tank with a ripple metal hose with a storage tank


2. Pump compensator for pump

3. Pump with a ripple metal hose

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