Why must walk the dog with a traction rope?

Why must walk the dog with a traction rope?

Friends who have pet dogs will usually take the dog out to walk around or exercise to buy vegetables or eat food together in the morning, so do you bring a traction rope when you walk the dog?

Here I solemnly emphasize that walking dogs must bring traction rope! Intersection Intersection Intersection Why? Some people will say how uncomfortable my dogs do not have to tie a rope at all!

OH! NO! Walking dog embolism is not only the manifestation of civilized literacy, but also for you and your dogs.

Why must walk the dog?

1. Prevent loss

Generally, we take the dogs out. They are all in a more excited state. When we go out, we will inevitably run away. We need to chase them to run, but there are a lot of people walking. Once you accidentally let it leave your sight, then you will then leave your sight. There is the possibility of loss. Is this risk really willing to bear it?

There are already a lot of examples in life. There are so many dog ​​-seeking notes every day appear in Weibo, circle of friends, and WeChat groups. While the master is desperately looking for, pets have become “stray animals”.

Every time I see the loss information

I feel uncomfortable

I sincerely hope that the loss of loss caused by the unporing rope will no longer occur. These can be avoided.

2. Safety issues

For dogs: Xiaobian knows that everyone raised is very good and obedient, but there are always many unexpected situations when they go out, no better than at home. Some unexpected situations inadvertently frightened the dog. At this time, the dogs were likely to run away, and the traffic accident may also happen.

For people: When we go out to walk dogs, we will meet many people. Some of them like dogs, while others are afraid of resistance. In particular, the elderly and children should hold the rope in your hand when passing by, avoid unnecessary trouble and conflict, and prevent the dog’s possibility of hurting people. You can bring your sense of security to yourself, pets, and others. Why not do it?

3. Easy to control

I believe that everyone has a dog out and happened to encounter similar experiences. At this time, our dogs are usually very excited. Loudly calling it is necessary, and some will rush up to “stick a face”. How can the two sides stand up if there is no rope at this time?

When dogs go out, we often smell everywhere. We have to pay attention to the problem of picking foreign bodies. When we touch the excrement of the diseased animals, it may be infected with germs, causing diseases. At this time, it is a good way to see the dog’s wrong food when you pick it up.

The traction rope is not restricted, but responsibility is responsible for yourself and pets, but also responsible for others

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