Snow in hypertrophy! They fought from last night to now …

Push the window in the morning


A piece of silver -wrapped world

Snowflake covered the roof

News from Hefei Meteorological: Last night, it appeared in our city to snow.


As of 6 o’clock, the cumulative rain and snow volume (millimeter): Hefei 8.3, Lujiang 8.9, Feixi 7.7, Changfeng 4.4, Feidong 4.3, Chaohu 4.1.


Snow depth (centimeter): Hefei 6, Lujiang 6, Feixi 5, Changfeng 5, Feidong 2, Chaohu 2.

There will be a precipitation process tomorrow and 11-12, and this week is the main time.

On the 7th, it is small to medium rainy snow or snow, southern snow, local Blizzard, east wind level 3, level 6 level, -1 to 1 ° C; on the 8th, there are rain clamps or small snow in the central and southern parts, 0 ~ 2 ° C; cloudy days from 9-10, 0 to 8 ° C; light rain on 11-12, 3-4 levels in the northeast, 3-6 ° C; 13 to 3 to 8 ° C.


When you see a silver white outside the window

You do not know

There are already a group of people


Fight all night

At 2 am on February 7th, the Sanitation Center of the Baohe District Urban Management Bureau Sanitation Center of the Baohe District Urban Management Bureau of Baohe District, which was standing on February 7, launched more than 2,000 sanitation workers in a timely manner to move in time in the region. Sprinkling snow melting agent and eliminating snow. At four in the morning, all staff of sanitation workers arrived to focus on the subway entrances, bus stations, across bridges, and hospitals in the hospital community. Large snow machines, flat -ground machines, small roller -wheel push shovels, snow blowers and other equipment on the road to clean up the city’s main roads and auxiliary roads.


The Municipal Office of the Urban -Rural Development Bureau of Hefei Municipal Bureau of Urban -Rural Development fought overnight. After all overnight snow removal operations, as of 7 o’clock in the morning, the main bridges of major elevated lines in the city can be connected normally. There are a small amount of snow in the local area. A large number of steel box beam areas are slightly thicker on both sides.


The Binhu Urban Management Office currently dispatches 20 people to shovel snow on the main road of Binhu, 3 flat ground machines, and 1 loading machine assisted operation.

Starting at 4 am, Qin Gang and Hu Jiayin of Luyang Green Pipe Center began to clean up the snow on the sidewalk trees along the Sili River in Luyang District, especially the camphor trees bent. “The camphor tree is large, and the branches are crispy. If the snow is not cleaned in time, the branches will be broken, which will bring danger.” Qin Gang told reporters that they received an emergency notice overnight. Snow has been cleaned up.



When the reporter contacted Zhang Haitao, the deputy secretary of the Party Branch of the First Bus Company of Hefei Bus, his first bus company was basically completed in early work in the early work of the first bus company. At present, more than 300 early morning shuttle buses have successfully driven out.

“At present, all our managers are on the job. I started to stop snow in Luohe at 4 o’clock, and the bus 4 of the bus 4 in the 4:10.” Zhang Haitao said that the current 4, 16, 116, and 116, 116, 116, and 116, 52, 136, 137, 138, 122 and other multi -road buses have been departing smoothly. On the first day of the service festival, early work at the peak.


Hefei Airport reported that the flight from Hefei Airport to Hong Kong today has been adjusted to 09:30 in the morning, and the airport is carrying out ice and snow.


In response to the heavy snow of Xinqiao Airport last night, China Eastern Airlines Anhui Branch was ready and started snow removal operation around 7:30 in the morning. There are two main parts of the snow removal work. On the one hand, it is the snow removal and snow removal on the aircraft, and the other is the snow removal of the apron runway. In response to the situation of some early flights, the snow removal work will be completed within two hours before taking off.

high speed

Nearly 10,000 employees of the operating units of Anhui High Speed ​​Highway are on their jobs, sprinkled with snow melting agents, and served at the toll station for the detention department. At present, nearly a thousand snow removal machinery is on the road, and go all out to respond to rain and snow frozen weather to ensure safety travel for the Spring Festival.

Here are reminding the majority of Si Cheng: During the snowfall, reducing the speed of the vehicle, maintaining a reasonable car distance, try not to overtake, step on the emergency brake, and drive safely.

Rain and snow strike

First day of work

Evening News Reminder

Pay attention to add clothes to keep warm

Safety first


Hefei Newspaper All -Media Reporter: Yu Qiaoqiao, Wu Qi apprenticeship reporter: Xie Lei, Li Runyuan Correspondent: Ni Yong, Ding Qin

Source: Hefei Evening News