The living room storage must also look at the custom TV cabinet, at a glance

The living room storage must also look at the custom TV cabinet, at a glance

Nowadays, most families will hang the TV on the wall, so everyone’s attitude towards the TV cabinet is optional. In fact, the TV cabinet is of great significance to the living room storage and neatness.

The design of the TV cabinet is properly designed. Not only can the living room be decorated, but also the grade of the living room to a certain extent, but also provides a powerful storage function.

So how to design the “TV Wall Reception” can meet the storage needs and meet the aesthetic needs?

1. Who to customize the TV cabinet

By the way, the TV cabinet is customized when customized wardrobes, because the custom -made furniture is beautiful, the layout is reasonable, and the customization is customized. Whether it is employment or money, it will have an advantage.

It is worth noting that finding a well -known brand or well -known niche brand custom TV cabinet, design capabilities and product quality will be guaranteed.

2. Adapt to living room style

The style of the living room TV cabinet must not only cater to the preferences of family members, but also adapt to the decoration style of the living room, so as to achieve the effect of improving the value of the living room.

If the living room is a Chinese -style or American -style living room, you can choose a TV cabinet with solid wood and nostalgia. If it is a simple style, you can choose a TV cabinet with simple and smooth lines …

Everyone rests almost in the living room area. Especially during the epidemic, online classes need to be put in “monitor” every day. The TV cabinet that is faced every day must look good!

3. The storage function should be reasonable

If you have a strong storage needs in your home, you can do TV cabinets throughout the background wall. When designing, you must pay particular attention to the division of each space.

Daily fragmented items storage

For custom TV cabinets, you can use the bottom empty layer and upper layer as a drawer design. The empty layer can place storage baskets, charging robots for scanning robots; drawers can store trivial small objects, so that the living room cabinet is tidy. The combination of the cabinet+drawer can not only achieve practical functions, but also have a wide sense of space.

TV area

If you are preparing to install the TV, you can reserve the space of the TV installation in the middle when customized the TV cabinet. And there is no surrounding space, which can also improve the aesthetics of the TV cabinet.

The location of the TV is related to people’s visual feelings when watching TV, so the location of the living room TV must pay attention to the height. This can be measured according to the height of the sofa and the height of the TV.

The length of the hanging cabinet should be reasonable

If the hanging cabinet is too long, the entire TV cabinet will have a sense of uncoordinated.

The size of the cabinet height is best to be similar to the size of the “left to the bottom+drawer”. This proportional visual effect will be more harmonious and natural.

Platform design in the side area

When the entire wall is made into a TV cabinet, if you feel too aggressive, you can make space design on the left and right sides of the cabinet to place books, green plants and crafts, which can be stored and displayed. It will give people a feeling of depression.

4. The depth of the TV cabinet should be appropriate

The customized TV cabinet is not thick enough, and only some small objects can be placed. The storage ability is poor; if it is too thick, the cabinet looks bloated, and it will also affect the visual sense of the entire living room.

The depth of the custom TV cabinet can be about 350mm, so that most of the items can be stored, and the living room will not look too bloated.

5. The material is environmentally friendly, and the after -sales is guaranteed

When buying a TV cabinet, the material is particularly important. After all, it is a furniture that we often contact in our daily life, so we must choose the more environmentally friendly materials, especially the elderly and children at home, and we must pay attention to the material of the TV cabinet.

When buying, you must check the quality test report of the TV cabinet, so as to avoid buying a TV cabinet that is not available for environmental protection.

After -sales service is also very important. When there is a problem with a TV cabinet, it can also be resolved as soon as possible, and it is best to have warranty, so that it can be lost.

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