Modern cafes on the grassland of Qiangtang, “Long” underground “Long” produced a black tent

Modern cafes on the grassland of Qiangtang, “Long” underground “Long” produced a black tent

This is an attraction that was ignored by Raiders. It is not so much a scenic spot as a distinctive building.

The full name of this building is: Pedestrian black tent, with an area of ​​only about 700 square meters. It is said that it took two years to appear. The black tent is located in Yangbajing Town on the northern Tibet Plateau, which is 4,300 meters above sea level. Special climate conditions and topographic conditions have brought great difficulty to construction.

Why is there such a name? What is its overall design concept? Listen to the strategy.

Designer Tang Liang said that the earliest phone received by Shi Guoping (one of the designers). He asked if he wanted to design a viewing platform, and his head was hot. Then the design team came here (Yangbajing), and the high altitude made everything slowly, especially for thinking. In vernacular, his head was unknown. Things that can be done in low altitude areas can be completed in one or 2 hours, and it is often time to pay more or even half a day.

The main body of the building uses black plastic wooden boards, which looks like a black tent from a distance. Because the grassland corresponds to nomadic, the shepherd who lives here for generations, every family will use yak’s hair to woven into a tent, and a black tent is their home. This mobile home can be good windproof, snow -proof and rainproof, and warm winter and cool in the summer. The living and living of herders are in the small tents of this side. It will carry more “population”.

Every time I change a new pasture, the herdsmen will pierce a new “home”. Like us living in a big city, no matter where we are, my eyes are always searching for their own direction. The designers named the building “Black Tent” and moved closer to the black tent. Maybe they wanted to provide a comfortable, restable place for tourists who traveled far away.

Overlooking the black tent from the air presents the “V” shape, the sharp end faces the highway, and the open end faces the vast grassland and mountains. While the unlimited scenery was seen, it also naturally incorporated into the overall natural environment. The designer hopes that everyone who enters here has gone through 7 different processes.

Get off from the roadside and walk into the black tent. You must go down to the sinking square first. In this process, the vision gradually becomes narrower, the blue sky is getting less and less, the black walls are getting more and more, the body is surrounded, the heart is wrapped, and the heart is wrapped. The mentality has become restrained from the open journey on the way, quiet, and more and more biased to obey his inner voice. This process is called “humility”.

After entering the 35 -meter -long viewing corridor through the Sinking Plaza, the promenade lighting is not very good. Maybe many people ask, “It is dark inside, why is it unfreats to use the local yam?” ——D darkness can make people calm. When the designer team was inspired by inspiration throughout Tibet, the Sangye Temple monk in Shannan had to go through a dark gallery with only a few beams of sunlight before entering the Jingtang. The environment allows monks to stabilize, so this viewing corridor must also have such a role. At the end of the promenade is Shenshan, such a worship process is called “silence”.

The slowly rising promenade is like a worshipers who meet a rugged road. There will be a downhill road. When you are advancing in front of your upsurge, you are hanging on the grassland, and the distant Nianqing Tanggula is shining under the sun. After silence, you will be exchanged for joy. This process is called “pilgrimage”.

Below the platform is a circular wall made of yak dung. It is located on a square. The name of the square is “End of Life”. There is a tree in the center of the wall. The place for tourists to pray for blessing. So this process is called “praying, perception”.

From the stairs next to the square, you can go to the restaurant. The design of the restaurant is the same as the Vagged Viewing Corridor. The difference is that the design of the floor -to -ceiling glass allows people to feel that they are standing on the grassland. The top of the top, while enjoying the scenery while dining, is really “both fish and bear’s paw.” You can also chat together after a meal. This process is called “freedom, transmission”.

“Although the sparrows are small and five internal organs,” the entire black tent contains the four main functions: catering, bathroom, cultural and creative products exhibition sales and main peak viewing. From the sinking square at the beginning to the final spiritual exchange area, each tourist’s inner state has gone through seven processes from humility, silence, pilgrimage, prayer, perception, and freedom to pass love. Therefore, the existence of the black tent is both the existence In the face of the pilgrimage of Nianqing Tang Gula, it is also a baptism of his physical and mental baptism.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about restaurant tent factory, hope it can help you.