The fuel consumption is 8L, can run 1,000 kilometers, and also bring 800 lithium battery+aviation seats, Chery 2.2T business car

The fuel consumption is 8L, can run 1,000 kilometers, and also bring 800 lithium battery+aviation seats, Chery 2.2T business car

With BYD’s announcement of suspension of production of fuel vehicles and focusing on new energy models, BAIC, Changan, Toyota and other domestic, joint ventures or imported car brands have also ranked out of production schedule. It is expected that the latest 2030s will say goodbye to the era of fuel vehicles! In this regard, many friends who like to travel for long -distance self -driving are starting to worry. In fact, at the beginning of this, many car manufacturers also had solutions. There were SAIC Chase, Chery, Great Wall, and Changan, etc., all focused on the more refined RV industry! This also fills the vacancies of self -driving travel cars, and can also achieve integrated food and accommodation and washing function!

However, compared with the fuel consumption of the passenger car economy, the car block is large and the configuration is much higher. But not long ago, on the new B -type R700 business RV launched by Chery, the fuel consumption problem was very perfect. The original 80L fuel tank, 8 fuel consumption, can run 1000km! In the car, it is equipped with 800AH lithium battery, aviation seats, wide double bed horizontal beds, and multiple comfortable and practical details! Well, let’s not say much, let’s look at the car first.

The official name of the Chery -type R700B RV is “Youxiang Edition”, but from the perspective of the overall shape, it is closer to the business boss car we often see! The whole vehicle is 5998*2098*2800mm size, painting pure black business wind paint, and there are still texture pull flowers, the LED driving lights on both sides of the front of the car. Make this car full of strength and visual impact!

In addition, it can be seen that the vehicle is in place in the safety structure, and it is still on the original car body structure. There is a FRP blind window on both sides of the car, which means that the use of space is enhanced in the car. The overall value of the external appearance adds a sense of weight and muscle to this car.

In terms of side body design, in addition to the business style, thanks to the 3750mm long -axis wheelbase, there are also a variety of dedicated accessories on both sides! 3.5 meters of blackened hand -housing shed (with 10 coat hooks), mid -door anti -mosquito gauze door, electric boarding step+business texture second step, REV imported outdoor lighting light, external shower shower, outdoor pull pull pull Diesel stoves, water tank injection water outlets, lithium battery charging port, black water tank storage cabin, etc. In the cool appearance, the attributes of the RV have been strengthened.

In terms of the rear design, although the R700 retains the layout of the original business car, the design of the split -type stretch strip high transmission structure is used in the design of the rear car taillights to enhance the clear and visible safety of the rear car. And on the basis of reversing images and reversing radars, there are four ways to monitor, and the rear door is also equipped with a glass reinforced reinforced climbing ladder. Overall looks a sense of security.

In terms of power, this Chery -Rizop R700, as the needs of travel enthusiasts long -distance self -driving, equipped with a 2.2T Ford diesel engine, matching a 6AMT automatic transmission, front rear -drive design, maximum power 140ps, maximum power 140ps. The peak torque is 355N · m; it is also equipped with three driving modes: normal mode, economic fuel -saving and sports. The power meets the national six emission standards, with 4 people in the nuclear, and the blue card C can drive. At the same time, this RV has a very high e -liquid economy! Its power plus 80L fuel tank, a box of oil can run 1000km, and the fuel consumption is only 8!

In addition, the car is also equipped with a McPherson independent front suspension+Hodickis rear suspension structure to enhance the balance of complex road sections and the overall balance of the body. , HHC, EPAS Electronics Assistance Steering, Mainly -Driven airbags, pre -tightening seat belts, fixed speed cruise, tire pressure monitoring and other driving braking safety systems.

The R700 also supports one -click startup, keyless entry, remote startup, remote air conditioning startup, remote control door lock, electronic anti -theft system, automatic wiper and other functions; it can be said that while reducing driving difficulty, it also comprehensively consists of high -standard vehicle safety functions And index!

In the design of the central control cab, the cockpit space is very spacious and bright, as well as the decoration of fashion passenger cars. It is equipped with control functions such as two -person can adjust seats, multi -function steering wheels, 10.1 -inch central control display screens, driving rear vision systems and other control functions. , Comfort and operability are self -evident.

In addition, the top of the cab is also equipped with a curved push -type sunroof to meet the lighting and ventilation requirements of the car, and you can enjoy the scenery outside the car at any time.

Inside the car, the R700 RV is very different from the design of the traditional B RV. It is divided into two parts. The rear is the living area of ​​the RV residence, and there is a business rest area in front. Feeling also optimizes the experience of vehicle entry and exit. In the selection of internal materials, the car uses EO -level environmental protection plates and environmental protection dedicated floor leather to avoid hazardous gases from infringement of the human body. After the vehicle is shaped for molding, the reserve quality is 3100kg, the maximum total quality is 3700kg, and the 600kg wealthy use space is reserved for users.

At the top of the starry sky, the R700 is equipped with a dual -useable dining table and two aviation seats. With long -shaped ventilation, it is like being in a high -end business class. Its luxury style does not lose imported business cars.

Aviation seats have built -in electric adjustment, seat ventilation heating, pneumatic massage, and electric leg support. It supports 160 degrees expansion. The base also has a 36cm slide rail to increase the front space of two -stop seats.

In addition, it is also equipped with functions such as hanging storage lockers, 220V power interfaces and USB sockets, and audio systems.

At the top of the outer aviation seat, the hydropower management control panel with R700 RV, a 7 -inch LCD touch display design reflects the sense of technology, and the control sensitivity is also very good. In terms of hydropower configuration, the car is equipped with 3000W vehicle charging inverter all -in -one, 800AH lithium battery (with low temperature heating function), 156L high -strength alien PE water water tank, 66L high -strength alien PE gray water tank, etc. The top with hydropower capacity, users do not need to upgrade!

The air -conditioning system is assembled at the roof behind the aviation seat. It is equipped with the TELAIR parking parking one -in -one air conditioner and an imported 5000W diesel heating aircraft with plateau mode. There is no need to worry about the plateau area!

The right side of the air conditioner is the kitchen area, integrated design, and is equipped with flip -type washing ponds, faucet, microwave oven, 118L double -door refrigerator, and various lockers, which can make meals in one step.

The kitchen flip -style vegetable pond and faucet.

Micro-wave oven

The storage drawer at the bottom is used to store dishes.

The refrigerator is equipped with a locker, which can store small items.

Large storage capacity of 118L RV refrigerators, stored food for a week.

The opposite side of the kitchen is equipped with a closed bathroom, making plastic materials, and mirroring, making the bathroom more lasting and cleaning more convenient. The interior is equipped with the functions of imported Setford toilet, shower shower, two -way ventilation air fan, folding hanging hanger, beauty storage storage cabinet, ventilation window, and tabletable.

The rear of the car is equipped with horizontal beds, and the blind window design on both sides to enhance the horizontal use area of ​​the bed. The size of the bed is 2*1.35m.

The top has ventilation fling windows, with functions such as lockers, reading lights, USB interfaces, and power sockets on both sides.

After opening the tail door, the bed board can also be used. The bottom can be used as a storage area. It can also be used as a track, so that the front and rear effects of the car can be strengthened.

Well, the above is the introduction of this fuel -saving, luxurious and powerful Chery -R700 business RV (Youxiang Edition). For this RV, what do you think? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area and exchange Essence

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