“Gundam: Flash Kazakhs” heroine Kiki earrings open temperament

“Gundam: Flash Kazakhs” heroine Kiki earrings open temperament

The animated film “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Flash Kazakh” has released the box office last year to create a new high in the history of the animated film. Pink earrings are open around, let’s understand together.

• “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Flash Kazakh” tells the U.C. 105 years since the end of the New Geon War. At the same time, the impact of the impact of the humanity “human hunting”.

In this situation, the thoughts of the two people inherited the two people in inheriting Amo Lei and Shaya Azanbur, and became a warrior Kazakhstan, a warrior who continued to fight for the inner will and road, but and the federal army. Colonel Kenas Srek met with Mysterious Girl Kiki Anda, and this was also a meeting to change their destiny.

• The earrings of Qiqi in the movie are simple triangular shapes, pink base, elegant overall temperament, and the metal part of the real -object re -engraved version is 925 sterling silver. The pink part is made of acrylic. The price is 22,000 yen. Page.

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