4 holes on the bath gel bottle. Who likes this creative transformation? You will thank me after watching it

4 holes on the bath gel bottle. Who likes this creative transformation? You will thank me after watching it

In our daily life, there will be some bottle of shampoo and shower gel. Most of these empty bottles feel that it is useless. Actally, these running shampoo and shower gel empty bottle still still There are some places for martial arts. Today I will teach the big family to use this bath gel bottle to transform a practical bathroom storage. Let’s take a look at it together.

Production difficulty coefficient: ★

production time:



Bathing bottle, beauty knife, marker pen

Production steps:

1. Prepare an empty and clean bath empty bottle.

(Point 1: Clean the residue in the shower gel bottle and remove the trademark on the bottle.)

2. Then cut the part above the shower gel bottle with the artistic knife.

3. Then trim the edges with scissors.

(Key points 2: Pruning the edge to prevent the hand from being scratched.)

4. Put the bottle mouth above the bottle body and draw a circle with a number of strokes.

5. Cut it along the line part with a beautiful worker knife.

6. Then use a mark pen to draw a rectangular and two circles on the bottle.

7. Then cut it along the shape with the artificial knife.

8. Then use the electric soldering iron to burn along all cut edges to make the edges smoother.

(Point 3: The electric soldering iron can be replaced by lighter.)

9. Then buckle the bottle mouth in the circle and put the soap in.

10. You can put toothbrushes, toothpaste and other washing products in the remaining places.

End words:

In this way, the bathroom storage of the shower gel bottle is ready. It seems messy without the storage toilet. After using the storage, our washing table has become a lot more clean. We can put some commonly used toiletries in it. Friends who think good may wish to try it by ourselves. Remember to pay attention to praise if you like it. Let’s see you next time.

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