Waste rubber granules market situation

Waste rubber granules market situation

At present, the rubber granule market is in excess of demand, and particle manufacturers are not only suffering from market competition, it is difficult to find sales channels, and even nylon tires as raw materials are disappearing day by day. As a tire industry, steel wire tires will fully replace nylon tires in the future, and the nylon tire recycling market is becoming less and less. Nylon tires will disappear one day.

Recent data shows that compared with other markets in the same industry, the rubber granule market will decline after the year, what are the reasons for the market depression?

First of all, the infection of the new pneumonia virus and the corresponding preventive measures introduced by the state have affected the development of the industry.

Secondly, the slow development of the peripheral economic environment has weakened the terminal demand, so rubber nylon granules as a link in the industrial chain must also be implicated, so that the sales of granule manufacturers are hindered.

In addition, the advantages of rubber nylon particles as raw materials are gradually disappearing. Downstream manufacturers began to look for alternatives with greater profit margins to enhance competitiveness and obtain more profits and development opportunities.

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